• Arthrighteous

    Watching the girls try to scramble out of the house was by far the funniest thing.

  • B M

    Enjoy the dog house for the next 3 years! Haha.

  • Qwixel

    Advice for gf: Honey, Tazz his nuts and then dump his ass.

  • Randy Hunt

    That was awesome LOL did you see the 2nd girl pretty much push the 3rd girl out of the way just to get out the door? hahahahaha

  • hammer101

    Hilarious. I love how the 2nd chick out gave her friend the peoples elbow in order to gain her freedom and give the supposed robber a sacrificial lamb. Of course after there was no danger she does the consoling.

  • Eric

    Last video I saw like that, the woman was so frightened, she ran out of the house, into the street and got immediately run over by a passing car…….NOT FUNNY!

  • goldengekko1

    by the sound of the title i really thought he was going to get his ass handed to him by all 3 😀

  • Mooks

    what an absolute DICK!!! Jumping out and scaring someone is one thing but to terrorize people is something else all together.

  • guest

    awesome psychological.sociological experiment. The first girl tries to shut the door, the second elbows and shoves her friend behind her- both in the interest of self preservation are willing and able to let their friends die. This guy did a favor for them, showed them the truth about themselves and their feelings for each other in the split second of fear when true nature come out. Bravo!

  • Rangersfan

    you need to hook me up with one of her friends bro!

  • CamoLife


  • d1gitalpunk

    that is so worth it. ima try this out one day

  • laura

    Wheres the stand your ground law when you need it? Seriously if that girl didn't break up with him shes crazy – and whats with all the boyfriends doing horrible things lately under the guise of humor?

    In the last week I've seen a BF blindfold his GF and wanted her to taste different things to see if she could guess what it was and then snapped a mousetrap on her TONGUE, a douche that thought it would be funny to use hot wax to remove his girlfriends ENTIRE eyebrow while she was sleeping and now someone that clearly has little man syndrome.

    She needs to bang his best friend as a 'joke'.

  • jmj

    Why did they stop on the landing if they were so scared? Looks staged to me.

  • Guest

    Wow, 3 girls vs one guy, he's lucky they're all about as useful as dirt….
    My Wife would have kicked him in the nuts….her two friends would have held him…
    Just shows how "soft" people have gotten….

  • Taylor

    If it were an actual robbery, they'd scream and run out, and wait at the bottom of the stairs? Logic these days…

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