House life at a hoarder’s home — mother of God (36 Photos)

  • Captain12pk

    #29,…that's a damn plate on the floor! WTF?

  • guest

    I think most of these rooms don't really fall in the category of "hoarding". Most of these seem to be just people who don't clean. I had a family member who was a hoarder (in the sense of not wanting to throw away anything for fear of "needing" it), and while her house was certainly messy, it was not nasty (with feces and rotten food and such). Hoarding is more of a compulsion to accumulate things, not dirt and filth itself! Ew!

  • TommyKnockers

    This shit makes my skin crawl…makes me want to go hop in the shower just looking at.

  • Cesar

    To quote our brother in the armed forces "There is no problem that cannot be solved by the proper application of high explosives". I say nuke the site, its the only way to be sure.

  • Chelmsfors Spuds

    There's nothing here that a decent fire wouldn't sort out. For good.

  • Woody543

    Hoarders no. Grubs, yes.

  • Ken Kong

    i'm not quite sure what to think about that.

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