I hate my job (28 Photos)

Do you hate your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Frumpus

    #10 what the hell is that thing and where are there videos posted of you running it over random objects for my amusement?

    • Akzombie

      This is a sidewalk snowblower also known as a "trackless" my friend, and there will b more pics to follow I am sure.

  • Seldi84

    #18 Sneaky fucking bastards.

  • Lisa

    I went from the College post to this one. What a sad, sad thing for me to do.

  • B.K.

    did #22 have to pay to quit??!!

  • Anomanom

    #2 You're not supposed to point that out. It's there to fend off the end users.

    • Irishlady

      That's my college! Haha

  • alexnyc04

    #7 Is that Paul Resier and Helen Hunt alla "Mad About You". Well done brah. Well done.

  • CableGuy2011

    #25 WANT! My brain bucket is so in need of that!

  • LeBowski

    #7 Why does he have a picture of Oprah?

  • Mike

    #23 Needs random text messages sent to them. They're not feeling very appreciated today.

  • Bigpoppasmurff

    I agree w everything said about #8

  • I-Need-$$

    #8 I hope your job isnt porn

  • jaustin8599

    Holy Sh*t!!! Jayne, is that you?

    • Dew

      CableDAWG – where u stationed man???

      • Carp

        Im a Guardsman… This was at Langley AFB

        • Dew

          Nice man — A few of the guys here at Osan are headed there

  • Gallus

    #24 – Now THAT'S the kind of job I want!!!

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  • rob

    #8 MOAR

  • Shady84

    #11 lmao that’s my pic that day sucked the damn new guy on third shift dumped all that each pallet weighs 2300 pounds and contained 65 individual bags that me and another guy had to clean up when we came in on 1st shift FML

  • ThaDude4

    i would give you a million dollars to marry me :}
    but i dont have a million dollars :[

  • 132

    132nd hahaha losers…(makes as much sense as "first")

  • Tom H.

    #12 Whoever saw this and pictured it, I hope I know you

  • kw1q51lv3r


    As a mac user, I agree with this picture. iMac models that old are virtually useless now.

  • timmy4383

    i wouldnt be bored at work looking at her #8

    please come work at my job,thank you,that is all

  • WilliamsonKyle

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  • giligan

    #3 whats happening ceezy…

  • Cecil

    Big 'C' is actually my little nickname and text signature, has been for years. Thumbs up to this guy.

  • Rej

    #12 is in Winnipeg!! woot

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