Real girls through the lens of ‘Me In My Place’ photographer (18 HQ Photos)

You're all familiar with the photo directly below of Sara Jean Underwood. It was taken by Me In My Place photographer Michael Edwards after the Chivers helped Sara win Esquire's Hottest Woman Alive 2012 competition. That photo and entire shoot have torched the internet recently.

Michael recently contacted us here at the Chive and pointed out something interesting, "Although I do shoot celebrities for Esquire, I also shoot a lot of real women, which is more in the vein of what the Chiver's celebrate."

Michael is giving the Chivers access to some of these exclusive real images today to promote the launch of his awesome new app and I will always support real girls wearing little clothing. Enjoy...

Me In My Place Archive right here. It's like the feminine Holy Grail.

Me In My Place's awesome app.

If you like Sara’s tush, there are more cakes here.

UPDATE: One diligent Chiver commented there are some photos of Sarah not wearing any clothes on the Me In My Place App.

  • jamison


    that is a fantastic sideboob

    • Big_Curt

      I would love to meet chelsea

  • stanley


    how do i teach my girlfriend this trick?

    • Guest

      She already knows that trick…and a few others.

      • anony

        got emmmmm!

    • forever alone

      step 1. find a girlfriend.

      • ShadowSpectre

        step 2. Do a good job.
        …. oh looky there, she knows the trick

  • StickyWickets

    #15 good gawd!

    • Ned_Plimpton

      That's a nice, ummmm… Blanket!

  • winslow



  • Mad_Hittman

    #2 I am so glad I could help you win, totally deserved it!!

    • Frank


    • Nemo Hoes

      classic butterface and far from the hottest woman alive. I see chivettes hotter than her everyday.

      • Wes Mantooth

        Sara Jean Underwood is a saint!

  • BigMIKe

    Ahhh girls in HQ

  • ur ass


  • Panigale

    #11 @#$!@#%@#!$%

    • Hunter_BZ

      Well Said my friend….well said

  • Ivan Drago

    I would smash.

  • Panigale

    #4 SJU is not a real girl silly rabbit.

    • Panigale

      uhhhhh…#2..its hard to rem…bewbs

  • DDD

    Thank you Michael Edwards , just Thank you……. although you do have one of the awesomest jobs on the planet……..

  • sid


    • dedubs

      first to be down voted

  • MattKL

    #18 Sweet Jesus.

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #2 sara jean underboob

  • PA2AK

    Thank you, Michael Edwards. Thank you.

  • Martin_McFly

    #17 Shes already ready to go!


  • Bw11

    Aweosme post Chive! #2 #5 #11

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Fine, I'll say it.. Butterface!! #8 #9

    • tapsnapornap

      Beat me to it.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        Still would.

        • Backseat Chiver

          same here. wouldn't even think twice.

          • AlMart

            I'd think twice…then my dick would be all like "what the fuck are you doing? thinking? LOOK AT HER ASS! is her face even important to you? WELL, IS IT? Of course not. Girls' faces mean nothing. NOTHING! Now go fuck her, before I splooge too soon and then she'll look even uglier". My dick is smooth like that.

            • Ned_Plimpton

              Face DEFINITELY means something….

              • optimus

                Thank God I had no food or drink in my mouth or it'd be all over my keyboard & monitor. UGH!

            • Brian H

              i don't get it. she's definately pretty

              • Hunter_BZ

                These guys do not appreciate a little culture, unless its pasty white they dont want it….

                • Fkn Nick, Duh

                  haha you fag. that chick's face isn't cute. Has nothing to do with skin color

                • Ned_Plimpton

                  Not true at all…. She has a man face. She looks like my friend, Angelo.

                  • dpthecool

                    she has a fat face, ugly as can be, like her body and skin color, but DAMN THAT FACE…shudder

    • Fkn Nick, Duh

      Sad but true

    • Ander

      Ya she got a butt face but her body is immaculate! I'd still hit it

  • dochandy

    #2 what a perfect woman. GODDAMN!!!

  • DDD

    #17 perfect positon

    BTW THANK YOU MICHAEL ( you might have the awesomest job on the planet)

  • qteam3d

    #11 We need a word for that exposed top of a shaved pubic mound that is so very beautiful and should be on Chive much more frequently.. Moundtop just isn't quite as nice as sideboob.

    • GOOG

      That would be called FUPA my friend.
      Fatty Upper Pubic Area

      • tv_paul

        Pleasure Dome

      • Matt

        nothing fat about that.

    • Ray

      Mt. Hump-a-licious?

      • Slang

        Homerun teaser

    • KccoCanadia

      Mound of Venus FTW

    • WS6

      Mons Venus

    • rustafarian

      How about "the valley" or "Vallies"

    • hsk1998


  • sjd

    So close…….

  • tapsnapornap

    #6 Chelsea wins, wow!

  • Taco_Depot

    #14 well this is just fun

  • 1/2FunAndDon'tCry

    Me in my place…….Boing…….FAP FAP FAP FAP.

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