Real girls through the lens of ‘Me In My Place’ photographer (18 HQ Photos)

You're all familiar with the photo directly below of Sara Jean Underwood. It was taken by Me In My Place photographer Michael Edwards after the Chivers helped Sara win Esquire's Hottest Woman Alive 2012 competition. That photo and entire shoot have torched the internet recently.

Michael recently contacted us here at the Chive and pointed out something interesting, "Although I do shoot celebrities for Esquire, I also shoot a lot of real women, which is more in the vein of what the Chiver's celebrate."

Michael is giving the Chivers access to some of these exclusive real images today to promote the launch of his awesome new app and I will always support real girls wearing little clothing. Enjoy...

Me In My Place Archive right here. It's like the feminine Holy Grail.

Me In My Place's awesome app.

If you like Sara’s tush, there are more cakes here.

UPDATE: One diligent Chiver commented there are some photos of Sarah not wearing any clothes on the Me In My Place App.

  • US Ranger


    Its a game of inches

  • Web2992

    one of my personal favorites… #15

    nice to see a couple of my favorite sites pairing up like this.

  • Powder

    #15 I am a sucker for cute redheads. They are my kyrptonite!

  • dedubs

    In their place would be in the kitchen.

    • Bman12688

      They actually have it, ran by sarah ritz "me in my kitchen". Nice try!

  • ChronicUser

    #6 Great teets!

  • GOOG

    You guys are just figuring this out??

  • Vinny

    That's not their space…….Their place is the kitchen


    I am going to hunt down my high school guidance counselor and slap that bitch right in the face! "Be a teacher she said……."

  • tony

    #11 AND #14 are like the greatest things ever

  • dumb

    pay for my app…see naked pics of Sarah!

  • Mmm Jess

    I would lick the sweat off jessicas ass mmm

    • Mmmm Lil T

      I'd lick the sweat off your ass

  • echogeo


  • tv_paul

    #11 #12 #13


  • BostonRugger

    #10 And now I'm supposed to keep working somehow……

  • Buckeye

    Epic post…it's like having FLBP, Hump Day, BYB, and MTG all rolled into one!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Good lord. Those women look fantastic. Whew.

  • Guse

    It's amazing how these "real women" have universally great bodies.

  • Hokie08

    Been a fan of MIMP for a while. Does great work. Has come a long way since the beginning.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    Yeah, well, they're okay, but over-produced and not enough variety. I mean five pics of one pretty girl is nice, but one pic each of five pretty girls is much nicer. And not to be mean, but a couple of them aren't really that pretty. Nice bodies and skin, except for ugly tattoos, but apparently they caught the eye of the photographer, hence their presence here in HD. I'd be happier with a bunch of honest Chivettes doing their desperate best in the bedroom mirror.

  • Seldi84

    #3 #15 Damn those women have very cute arses.

  • M4jestic

    #15 way to Sara Ritz

  • tbirk23

    sarah ritz FTW!

  • thederwood

    Aaahhhh, I all fapped out.

  • Bob

    Real Girls is a stretch, these are models, just amature models. Hot as hell.. but still…

  • this guy

    IF i'm a fan of nip slips? IF?

    yeah, they're okay, i like breathing and eating and drinking too

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