Real girls through the lens of ‘Me In My Place’ photographer (18 HQ Photos)

You're all familiar with the photo directly below of Sara Jean Underwood. It was taken by Me In My Place photographer Michael Edwards after the Chivers helped Sara win Esquire's Hottest Woman Alive 2012 competition. That photo and entire shoot have torched the internet recently.

Michael recently contacted us here at the Chive and pointed out something interesting, "Although I do shoot celebrities for Esquire, I also shoot a lot of real women, which is more in the vein of what the Chiver's celebrate."

Michael is giving the Chivers access to some of these exclusive real images today to promote the launch of his awesome new app and I will always support real girls wearing little clothing. Enjoy...

Me In My Place Archive right here. It's like the feminine Holy Grail.

Me In My Place's awesome app.

If you like Sara’s tush, there are more cakes here.

UPDATE: One diligent Chiver commented there are some photos of Sarah not wearing any clothes on the Me In My Place App.

  • HardenLong

    #14, I think so

  • jeff donuts

    wtf no thongs or gstrings .i hate regular underwear on hott chicks. fuck that shit

  • HattinPopUps

    Fuc# these pop up game ads with the "Free Download" button right beside the close out X button. Gettin old real fast.

    The women are all hot. That is all.

  • Underbaker

    Are there suppose to be pictures when you go to the MIMP web links? Did Chive break them or maybe my work firewall is blocking them?

  • lackofabetter

    #11 fantastic curves!

  • Anthony_Tyler

    My "place" just moved to the left…with an ever-so-slight hook.


  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Really want the redhead.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #6 Might be a real girl, but that side boob is unreal.

  • Trainer

    i just went and looked at Kat and wow.. she is hot

  • Steve

    Luckiest Bastard in the country… i highly recommend the /xian album wet t-shirt…

  • Rick

    If I want stupid bitches I look at porn, go back to old school chive

  • Brian H

    #2 – wow wow wow, #7, #8, #9 – very very beautiful – me like

  • Mkh

    Have been a fan of MIMP for a while now. Beautiful women.

  • bzazz

    me likey real girls. More of this!

  • Onoku

    mimp is fantastic.

  • Gmoney

    #6 Schwinggggg

  • Connor Macmanus

    #3 #6 CHELSEA is a cutie.

  • Craig

    This is an amazing rep of what is the chive. This is one of the best non annual posts chive has put up in my opinion. Chive on.

  • Fred

    I dont usually beat off to pics but with Cjavascript: postComment(0);helsea, I'm gonna make an exception

  • RagTop


  • FacialPro

    These girls need to be shot by me in my place……Al of them

  • Jezdezpez

    Hot girls but $4.99/mo to view them on a pocket-sized screen?! is that guy out of his mind, NO THANKS! I'd rather chive on for free.

  • Marounz
  • amuk

    shitty website doesnt load its pics. hard to navigate!

  • shawn73

    Mother of God… more way theChive has improved my life….

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