theCHIVE is coming to NYC and we’re lookin’ for a host!

chive ny meetup theCHIVE is coming to NYC and were lookin for a host!

It’s official, Thursday June 28th theCHIVE is coming to the Big Apple for our biggest meetup ever and we need your help. Rather than hawking down potential venues for the meetup and explaining what theCHIVE is and how bonkers this is going to be, we’d prefer to hold the event at a Chive-friendly venue with a New Yorker familiar with the insanity that’s about to take place.

So if you’re a Chiver and you own or manage a bar/club in Manhattan, contact us at thechiverules [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll fill you in on our needs for the meetup (so far we’ve got booze, tunes, unicorn ice sculpture, and the Mona Lisa). Needless to say, we will promote and highlight your venue for millions of Chivers out there so the sooner you get ahold of us the better.

Chivers, mark your calendars. We’ll be providing you with more information on the meetup time and location as we get it. An East Coast meetup has been long overdue and we plan on making it one for the books. We can’t wait to raise a glass with our NYC Chivers!


John n’ Leo

  • a new yorker

    we've been waiting for you…

    • Paula_

      …and I for you…

      – Oh yes I will be there… Care for a free drink? Chivers love my free drinks….

    • Taco_Depot

      omg omg omg omg this is so exciting

    • @Scuzzy19

      I was planning on going to new york to visit a friend, I think I finally found the weekend to do it on…

    • GOOG

      with Asa Hope or FAIL

  • Lorne


  • Disney

    went to both IU meetups. chive guys are class acts. have a blast, New York

  • marcus

    …. the great shitstorm of our time

  • David.

    Hire Jay-Z and Larry Johnson

  • Ben

    You can use my place, apart from the fact I live in England

  • Sarah

    if it was anything like the Chicago meetup, brace yourselves 🙂

  • Kevin

    Count me in…. Been waiting for this

  • Elise

    ok, fuck yes.

  • Jennifer Grant

    i'm excited – not quite john-and-bob-sign-my-tits excited… but i'm excited

    • Hugh

      Give it time.

  • Mike

    About fuckin time.

  • Chris

    Damn! y did i move from NY to Seattle?!

    • Corey

      All in favor of a Seattle meetup? Aye!

  • Jordan

    Add Richmond Va to your agenda. I promise great times

  • lackofabetter

    You can have it at my 1 bedroom apt in Flatbush. You're Welcome

  • Dick
  • chib

    Atlanta meetup IMO

  • Marc D'Annunzio

    After seeing the pictures from the IU and chicago meet ups, I am pumped to finally be able to attend a chive meet up…

  • bowiehockey55

    definitely come to annapolis, you wont regret it

    • mid13

      Do I smell a mid?

  • Alyssa

    this is the best news I've heard all day!!!!!!! so excited!!! NY ❤

  • HanSolo

    Come to Denver goddamnit.

  • Tyler G


    • BostonRugger

      Second this!

    • tyler y

      fuck boston

    • canadian

      just came back from that city…sick place.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Yes. You must all come to Boston.

      And even if the Chive guys don't, we Bostonians should take it upon ourselves to do something truly epic.

      • BostonChiver.

        YES, let's stop talking about it, reserve a floor at Lir and get a little wild.

        • LucretiusCarus

          Then let's pick a date. But we seriously need more input than just the three of five or six of us.

          Though I know Martha is super fun, so she counts for at least 2.

          • BostonChiver.

            Should we socialize this through Facebook perhaps?

            • LucretiusCarus

              I assume the answer to this is "yes." But I do not use Facebook, so it becomes someone else's job at this point.

              • ...

                get a room you 2…or join the Chive dating site.

                • BostonChiver.

                  Quiet down, trying to set up a meet-up for the Beantown Chivers.

                • LucretiusCarus

                  No need to get pissy because you weren't invited. Just ASK and we'll probably let you come. As long as you buy beer.

                  • John McClane

                    Boston. Like NY after taxes…

                    • BostonChiver.

                      Times Square has it's own tax rate…wtf.

        • Bruins chiver

          oh the drunken times I've had at LIR… good times

          • LucretiusCarus

            All right–so someone pick a fuckin' date and FB it or some shit. I'll be there unless I'm in jail or something.

        • MarthaJeane

          I'm in for this.

          Easiest way of organizing would be for a few people to set it up then ask the chive to mention it for us. We do the work, just ask their help in getting the word out. Easier said than done, I know, but hopefully the guys are cool enough to help us make it work.

    • MarthaJeane


      Seriously, I have cute friends.

  • Kroger_Security

    You all need to come to Louisville Kentucky!!

    • grammar natzi

      * ya'll

      • Kroger_Security

        you don't say?

    • Kroger_Security

      Do not understand why me recommending a city to come to got down voted? Some chivers are douche fags

  • frank coolidge

    the hell with NYC come to Boston!!!

  • daviburt

    anyone in nyc want to put up a hoosier chiver for a couple nights? ill buy the pregame booze even though it's not necessary. definitely don't want to miss this meet up since the IU one was absolutely insane.

    • Logan Slogan

      hit me up on twitter homes, shmoobuster311, always welcome to put up a fellow chiver, background check pending of course

      • i think so!

        are you guys gonna have bum sex?

        • John McClane

          Assuming Logan is not a native New Yorker… Either that or a rapist/serial killer.

  • Michele Algar

    i don't think the birth of my first child will compare to the joy that i will feel on this day

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