theCHIVE is coming to NYC and we’re lookin’ for a host!

chive ny meetup theCHIVE is coming to NYC and were lookin for a host!

It’s official, Thursday June 28th theCHIVE is coming to the Big Apple for our biggest meetup ever and we need your help. Rather than hawking down potential venues for the meetup and explaining what theCHIVE is and how bonkers this is going to be, we’d prefer to hold the event at a Chive-friendly venue with a New Yorker familiar with the insanity that’s about to take place.

So if you’re a Chiver and you own or manage a bar/club in Manhattan, contact us at thechiverules [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll fill you in on our needs for the meetup (so far we’ve got booze, tunes, unicorn ice sculpture, and the Mona Lisa). Needless to say, we will promote and highlight your venue for millions of Chivers out there so the sooner you get ahold of us the better.

Chivers, mark your calendars. We’ll be providing you with more information on the meetup time and location as we get it. An East Coast meetup has been long overdue and we plan on making it one for the books. We can’t wait to raise a glass with our NYC Chivers!


John n’ Leo

  • TJ Dumser

    DEAR GOD! I contemplated running in on my coworker in the restroom to tell him this. We can't fucking wait.

  • Name

    Pre-gaming at McSorley's. All chivers are welcome to join.

  • Piker

    any hot out of state chivettes attending, i can accommodate 1 or 2 out here on LI…. possibly 47. haha

  • Joe Schmo

    Already rented a suite baby!!

  • Roger

    Day after I turn 23. Better be bombing bc im going

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday to me i guess

  • Joe

    happy birthday to me i guess

  • Bradyized

    Looks like I will be "working from home" on the 29th….

  • whyzkid

    OH HELLS YEAH!!!! this is going to be epic of epics

  • lonewolf

    OMG, chive this is some amazing news! would love to meet fellow chivers and all the sexy chiveets..already taken off from work…im super excited..

  • N. Zieske

    Come up to the casinos in Connecticut on Friday!

  • gil f.

    whats the age limit gonna be !? i have 18- friends that would love to be there ?

  • Adam

    WHY THURSDAY? Make it FRIDAY or SATURDAY when most people dont have work the next day!!! We close at 4AM here in the big apple….. As I'm sure you are aware that the later it gets teh crazier it will get!!

  • Ross

    Think you guys should come to Canada. Our beers strong and its warm 2 months of the year!

  • Ismael Cervantes

    a Texas meetup is a need!!!

  • Cory MacDonald

    i'll be there!

  • Luiz Henrique Mello

    Come to Rio de Janeiro ! We're waiting for…
    Chive on Rio !

  • skIns

    McSorlys. That is all.

  • isaac

    chive could you PLEASE do the meet a few days earlier. im leaving ny on the 27th. i would HATE to miss it for one day. PLEEEEEEEEEASE. im begging!

  • heyisTi

    Dammit why does it have to be on Thursday. Weekend would've much better. I have to work.
    am in Baltimore … would take the train there.

  • ohnoabear

    While you're planning East Coast meet ups, why not come down SOUTH?
    A city like Charleston or Atlanta would love to get in on the Chive action.

  • Guardsmen

    USCG Barque Eagle and Ops Sail 2012 will be there, come party with us on America's tall ship

  • Courtney Trost

    come to jersey/philly as well prease :] see you soon

    • Jonny Reed

      They may not be coming to Philly, but Philly is going to chive!

  • William McIvor

    Look into b bar, really nice place. First time ever getting thrown out of a bar was there hahaha.

    McSorley's is nice, but to small/only serve beer

  • Kyle Manning

    beantown please

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