• dungydouche

    If this was my baby, she would have been conceived in two minutes and forty-five seconds, amirite?

  • doobie houser

    Was I the only one who wasn't 100% sure she was a girl until about age 5ish? also why did it take until age 11 for them to invest in a new camcorder?

    • Hugh

      Did you have a 1080P camcorder eleven years ago?

  • paulhitchcock

    This makes me sad. My little girl turned 1 last month. She's growing up *way* too fast. Wish I had thought to do something like this. Maybe with #2…

  • someguy

    Jesus christ look how fast her mouth is moving when she hits ~8 years old. STFU!!!

  • Jimmy

    She talked more as she got older. Sad, sad day.

  • john

    its good they stopped filming her at age 12 because once girls become teenagers they all turn into evil satanic bitches.

  • chaosd

    great they turned out yet another woman who talks too much.

    Pretty cool video though.

  • JDB85

    Good video. My oldest is 8 and it reminded me of watching her grow up.

  • jas

    chivette in the making

  • Brian Wanueka

    You mean she only threw up once in her whole life?

  • JG Marine

    Documented evidence that once a girl learns to talk, she never, ever, ever stops….ever.

  • BB23

    Future chivette?

  • Dlos

    Just like a woman. Talk talk talking

  • benbobbins

    Watch this baby turn into a narcissist in two minutes and forty-five seconds.

  • AAWW Yeah

    As the new father of a 2 month old daughter, this makes me sad. I'm going to look back on her childhood and remember it moving just that quickly.

  • Truth

    The thing I noticed was that the eyes never really changed- I've seen that with all my kids. As my oldest gets ready to graduate, this video really hit home = /

    • cannonball967

      Your eyeballs are the only body part that does not grow larger as you age. Your eyes are as big as they will ever be the day you are born.

  • SimonDPieman

    Her parents will be relieved to know that what her Uncle was filming her doing in the basement was entirely innocent after all.

  • andrew

    Thanks for making the rest of us dad's feel like losers…..

  • M.O.T.

    Wow, I had no idea colour video was only invented one year ago.

  • No kitchen

    Didn't even see a kitchen. Wtf?

  • cannonball967

    Great job creating a narcissist, Mom & Dad!

  • Dutchguy

    Dutch people rule!!!

  • Linz

    Aww. As a parent, this video makes me sad. It really feels like they grow up that fast! She's 4 now, I'll blink and she'll be 12. Very cool idea.

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