• Matt

    I couldn't help but notice you used the word difficult instead of the word impossible.

  • Ross

    "Like, call me in another 2 minutes and 45 seconds baby"


  • SwanDiver

    This one turned out alright. But how would she feel if she started really cute but turned out really fugly?

    • hello please

      She'd probably feel really shitty if shallow simpletons like yourself didn't appreciate her as a thinking person and felt the need to comment on how she looked all the time.

      • Matt

        Nicely done.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nohopeforthehumanrace PK NoHope

        Harmless question that you were clearly WAY too offended by. Lighten up. The world isn't as bad as people like you make it out to be. Just sayin…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003274875359 Jason King

    Was I the only one that noticed after she turned 2 she wouldn't stfu?

    • JohnDye

      Was I the only one who kind of hoped the video kept going until she was a hot 18-year old? She looks like she's well on her way to scrumdiddilyumptionness!

    • QTheLibertine


    • JDB85

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Plurp

      After they learn to talk, little girls never stop talking. Ever. From the moment they wake up till they go to bed way past bed time. Blab Blab Blab Blab. Non stop. Thank goodness my daughters are big readers as it affords me and the wife a small respite from the constant flow of information.

  • http://BeerAndStupidity.blogspot.com/ BeerAndStupidity

    Wow there's about 3 months when she's 7 when she really hates her parents.

    • Blake

      She didn't look very happy the whole time…

  • Pedobear

    Pedobear approves!

    • dungydouche

      Pedobear pauses at 1:28

  • Mikeg01sf

    Pretty dope idea. Cheers to the parentp

  • steve

    aww this made me so sad. People grow up so fast!

    • Cpt Obvious

      this was not the actual time span

      • flaccid@$$hole

        I see what you did there…

  • Professor America

    Not to sound weird, but she is clearly going to be hot when she's grown up. Just sayin.

    • gagagafaga

      Hope you enjoy burning in hell you fucking perv. If I were her parents I'd find yo and beat your ass.

      • Huff and Dobak

        You are a fucking idiot. The key words in what he said were "grown up."

        • JOhnDye

          Yeah gagagafaga – as I posted above she is well on her way to being superhot. You sound like some violent piece of trash

          • gagagafaga

            and im trash? your say a 14 year old is gonna be hot! which kinda translates to "i walk around middle schools scouting my future rape victims" you peice of shit. and anyone who defends you is also trash no matter how you try and justify it.

            • gnarf

              Sounds like you´re overcompensating for something here…

            • vinny

              Pretty sure the video ended with her being 12….soooo not sure where 14 comes from

        • gagagafaga

          Yea I notices that but the fact that he is judging that by looking at a 14 year old is wrong. Bet you ride in the candy van with him dont ya

          • Guest

            I guess when every grandmother says " ohh she is going to be such a cute girl when she grows up" that grandmother is a perv for pointing out the obvious

      • nemesis

        Lessons in morality from the school of insults, violence and intolerance.

      • DanforReal

        When you look at a teenager and say she's 'cute', don't you think that some years later when she turn 18, she will turn out as an ugly beast?

        This guys is not a pervert, That's just common sense..

        • LeafsDude

          Her family probably comments on how gorgeous she is all the time. I have a little niece around the same age who is very pretty. It's people who turn it into something else who are the creeps.

          • 0900

            Yeah, her FAMILY, not some random guy on the internet watching a time-lapse video saying she is going to be hot (as in, sexually attractive) when she turns the age of 18. That's taking her CURRENT looks into consideration to assess whether he will think of her sexually when it is deemed legal to do so.

  • Guse

    Dammit, Chive! Why do you post stuff like this?! I think I have something in my eye….

    [/father of 3 daughters]

    • Dog

      Guse, don't worry. It's just your boyfriend's jizz.

      • Stan

        You're an idiot.

        • hello please

          Come now, Stan. That's hardly fair. He's not an idiot.

          He's an asshole.

    • Bostonpauly

      Know what you mean- a dad to 9 year old myself- happens fast…

    • who cares

      It really feels like they grow up this fast. It's dusty in here…

  • Cam

    Age 13 – 19 [Footage not found]

    …. damn rebellious teenagers.

    • LadyPanda

      WIN! LOL!

  • emu

    typical woman.. the moment she could form words, she was talking the whole damn time!

  • RealZoo

    Cute kid…..however, I really did think she was a boy in the beginning.

  • didufart

    Little girl, respect your parent. They're fucking awesome!

  • Sigsegv

    A parent's perception of the actual time it takes for their baby girl to grow up… Nailed it.

  • paulwells55337

    Is she in the Real World confession booth?

  • hitbox

    notice it stops at age 12……..

    only cos from there it goes downhill hahaha

    smart idea 🙂

  • its true

    Age 19+, check thechive. Sluts.

    • oh yes

      lol – nice one!

  • Advocatus

    Pedobear will watch this backwards!

    • Pedobear

      Actually I watched it laying down with my computer propped on my chest.

  • Brian

    Careful not to say awwwwww

  • Ziplab

    notice how in every clip she's ……….talking

  • TommyB

    As a parent, it feel like they grow just that fast…my little boy was was just 2 yesterday; now he's 13. Geez! Where does the time fly?

    • You

      Time keeps on slippin….into the future.

  • drbman

    great video….dizzying! but great and dad could have let his daughter choose the music? what was that elevator music crap!!!

  • twoedges

    That little girl talks too much. Y U NO SHUDDUP AND GROW?

  • Skip

    "They grow up so fast"

    very cool video thought. I like when you see her lose here baby teeth then later with a retainer.

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