Great news! It’s hump day and you don’t have AIDS. (50 photos)

  • john


    • Anon

      congratulations….highlight of your day

      • dirtysteve99


    • ShamWOW

      john, it appears you have spelled "douchebag" incorrectly…

    • Kaiser

      man. imagine being the guy seeing this post that has AIDS. what a terrible way to start the day.

    • fahQjohn

      John – pronounced: smeg-mah

      what a complete douche

    • Trav1121

      You know a website has reached Allstar Status when you get a bunch of retards sitting around, just waiting to be recognized/ critisized for their retardedness. Congratulations, First. You are clearly the winner of nothing! I bet your mom is proud. You should waddle upstairs and ask her.

    • patov40

      I'll bet john is a lot like #15, and loves Cocks!

  • Dave


    • dave

      its one thing to say first…but when you arent even correct about your pitiful post, its just sad.

    • ShamWOW


      • FukTard

        This guy spelled "douchebag" incorrectly also..

    • fahQdave

      go kill yourself

    • Trav1121

      Shouldn't have capitalized your name, Dave. You might have actually been first. See what self-respect gets you? First loser status! Woo!

      • JHL1

        *Second loser status. If he truely was "first" then he would have received 1st loser status.


    #21 When Lord, When gonna be my time!

    • The Truth

      the hum of player 10 in the center is perfect!

      • The Truth


        • The Truth

          Once for each cheek

      • HardenLong

        Not even the best one in the pic

    • _LG

      Numbers 5 and 9 are the definition of perfect.

    • Ekajevans

      I think that's a Front Army picture. 10 being Rosie jones, not sure though.

      • A_O

        9=emma glover

      • P90

        All those dickheads from yesterday who posted that there were no hot women in Britain have just definitively been proved wrong.

    • Lord

      Soon Michael my son, loyal Chiver and awesome guy, your time will come. I will see to it!

      • MICHAEL

        I can dig it!

    • Trav1121

      Nice! Thumbs Up for the Kevin Smith quote!

    • nick

      in order left to right: Emma Frain, Leah Francis, Rosie Jones, India Reynolds, and Emma Glover. they shoot for a number of UK lads mags, like Front, Zoo, Nuts, and Loaded. be careful googling them, all nsfw, but gorgeous.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Take heart Michael, one day you will meet a nice girl, and the two of you will fall in love, and then it will be your time!

      • MICHAEL

        Thanks Luke, But I was referring to having all of them! Greed- my sin

        • LukeTheTerrible

          I do sypathize with lustful gluttony. But we can keep wishing!

  • me...BN!!!

    #1 fire and ice!!!

    • Joe

      Actually, Leo…I just got back from my doctor…

  • noegod

    wow, talk about alienating all the chivers that do have aids!

    • JerseyGuy

      seriously Chive… I am dissapoint.

      Wildly inappropriate, even if it is meant as a tie in to the ad at the end.

      • JerseyGuy

        *disappoint…. yeah yeah….

        • thekev


      • josh

        if you are offended then go somewhere else. no one cares what you think

      • about

        In 2010, 34 million adults worldwide had HIV/AIDS. 50% were women.

        An additional 3.4 million children were also infected.

        Around 400,000 new cases per year are children, or over 1,000 per day.

        These are real people, Chive, struggling for life with the odds very much against them. They don't deserve to be laughed at with a joke headline.

        • akgoalie

          since when was the chive ever a website that gave a shit.

          they post pictures of hilarious shit, beautiful women, and awesome parties.
          im sorry all those people have aids. really. that sucks.

          but for fucks sake. get off the chive's back. they can say what they want.
          dont like it? make your own damn website.

        • Raliegh

          maybe those women should have kept their legs shut, and if they knew they had aids, not have children…

          • wtf

            wow. just wow.

            • Mike

              Yeah a wee bit messed up there, and I think i am pretty damn sexist…

              • educationstandards:)

                haha… im not even laughing at the sexiest part. since when is aids heriditary*

                *someone spell check that and correct me please

                • phuphu

                  about 15-30 babies born to HIV positive mothers will get the disease. (just googled).
                  and yeah, its spelled hereditary (again double checked through google). you were close though

          • allfucknuts

            Typical chiver.

        • Anon

          Why bother posting that 50% were women? Why not say that 50% were men? What a stupid statistic. Should we only feel sorry for the 50% ?

          • idoiiittts<3:)

            hes being sexist. get em!

          • whoa!

            50% are women.

            40% are men.

            The remaining 10% are the farm animals Anon has sex with. They are the true victims here.

        • billiam

          remind me why i give a shit?

      • thetruthman

        Hahahah ,look at all you despos trying to pretend that you have a heart. Thechive will post another gallery full of sluts and you all will forget bout this. Keep calm and fap on !

        • its true


    • Chiefhenry27

      Perhaps they were going with:
      Aids – Assistant/helper
      AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

      I could use a few aids with asses like these.

    • Patrick

      I don't have aids, and it made my day being reminded of that.

    • travels2much

      I look forward to "Chivette of the Week and be happy you don't have Cancer"

      • travels2little

        Shouldn't it be "FLBP of the Week and be happy you don't have Cancer" ?

        • travels2much

          Freckled girls and be happy you don't have Melanoma?

    • Jjj

      Agreed. The the herp derp couldn't think of anything else.

    • Underbaker

      All these fabulous humps and you complain about the title. Do you want to know how….

    • @Exile714

      I'm still waiting for a Chiver who actually has AIDS to be offended. Most of the time people who are offended by something are just offended-by-proxy.

      • AIDS Chiver

        i have AIDS

        • LukeTheTerrible

          And are you offended?

          • ...

            lets get to the bottom of this

      • puddin

        I've got HIV, its been aids in the past. I could give a shit. I KCCO. If my friends didnt bust my balls about it, I'd be pissed.

    • Jason

      The pussification of America continues

    • noegod

      Oh my god! Shut the fuck up all of you! I wasn't trying to start a political debate! I really don't give a fuck! I just thought it was a little uncool and I was trying to make a witty joke. Clearly I failed and regret it. KCCO PEOPLE, or GTFO!

      • gudjobchiver

        Ooops ,thechive`s dick almost fell outta your mouth but you quickly took it back in.

  • echogeo

    Most impressive.

    • rich

      agreed. great photo, amazing ass.

    • thump

      this lovely hump belongs to Jelena Jensen

      • fact

        really? she's kind of a pig with huge triple F jugs

        • ObviouslyNotBlind

          fact or FAG? she is so NOT a pig. She's insanely hot, with natural F jugs. You're out of your fucking mind. There's no way anyone remotely attracted to pussy would ever turn that down.

        • Mr X

          Pig or not, there's no denying this hump is exquisite

    • SARmedic

      Yup, this one is a clear winner for me. Very hot.

  • Martin_McFly

    #23 Well… this pretty much sums up everything I want in the world right now…

    • Flampst


    • Stan

      I love it so much it hurts!

    • ajensen27

      yes, yes it does! F me running

  • DaveR

    #23 holyyyy

    • Freak


  • Bruins chiver

    What if i do have AIDS?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Then the Chive most likely ruined your day a bit. My apologies on behalf of them.

    • Bullwinkle

      then you're going to die…that's how that shit works 😀

      • Larry Bird

        Not if your name is Magic Johnson.

    • Repene

      If do have AIDS, Keep Calm and Chive On.
      Also, if you'd like to share your story I'm sure The Chive and all Chivers like myself would care to listen to it and give you our support. Just like we do when people who have cancer or was in an accident post their stories.

  • Martin_McFly

    #36 Great Scott! Things are getting heavy now!

    • goatpunch

      I hope this qualifies as a skirt. This one was the standout for me

    • MC Hammer

      We have a winner!! Damn that's a fine behind….

    • Olaf_Skrelnick

      There's that word again. Is there a problem with Earth's gravitational pull?

    • MattKL

      That is just a perfect hump. The goosebumps give it a little extra kick.

    • Jimbob Jones

      Hate to break it to you fellas but it's been 'shopped. 😦

  • Kaasbaard

    I feel like I might've gotten a little aids from watching some of these… But what makes you think everyone here doesn't have the aids? :p

  • Meowmix

    I bet there's a Chiver with AIDS…whose day was just ruined

    • 2Dogs

      pretty poor call by the chive imo

      • josh

        if you are offended then go somewhere else

        • 2Dogs

          go play with your forest fire josh

    • @Exile714

      Why would this ruin his or her day? Maybe they're just like "lol… but I think I still do have AIDS. Oh well, humps!"

      • guest

        Idk maybe because they have fucking AIDS

    • doesntmatter

      Wait for the chive white knights to come ,they will lol n lmao at this post and fap while looking at the whores here.

  • Livin' Legend

    I bet someone seeing this post has AIDS. 😦

  • des troyer

    went from 6 to midnight real quick!!

    • TheAutomaticMan

      mine is more of a 7 o'clock….. maybe 7:30

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #18 #21 #47 I ❤ HUMP DAY!!

    • Underbaker

      I do too, but I also wish I could see the flip side of #22 since it appears they are all topless.

      • Todd_A

        Looks like the third one in on the left thought it was going to be a "everyone grab each other's ass" picture. I like her style!

  • B_swan

    What's with the horrible picture quality lately?

    • Bruins chiver

      wipe the jizz off your screen, it should help

  • HOOK

    #23,#27 Simply put, "Perfection for my erection".

    • LukeTheTerrible

      I thought that was funny, Hook. Go figure.

  • cope

    Id eat 47 with wooden spoon and lick the bowl clean when i was done

    • Daniel Tosh


  • Shannon Coverdale

    #8 MOAR

  • PoppaFlax

    Of all God's creations, HUMP is my favorite!

    • edslerson

      Of all of man's creations god is my least favorite

      • Osgood


  • truth

    #26 Hail Texas Chivette! Amazing

    • facts

      Wish we could see that from the other side!

      • KCCO

        looks like you need a nice licking

    • longshot421

      Oh my oh my oh my!! Kept coming back to this one. Wow!

    • stephen

      why is there a bathtub in this bedroom

      • KayakAggie

        I still can't find the bathtub.

    • hellyeah

      keep calm and whore on.

  • jr

    vary nice made my hump day even better:)

  • DanforReal

    Now how am i supposed to take a nap!

  • needitwantit

    lol, this post is quite crude if you just found out you got aids, haha

    and #31 #36 close to perfection!

    and nice muscular back on #26!

    can't get over how perfect 36 is! hooottttttt
    where do you buy a 'skirt' like that the fuck

  • echogeo

    #30 #31 #36 #42
    The goose flesh on 36, especially.

    • 204runner

      14 we should hang out! Or Moar please

      • 204runner

        #13 sorry 13 but if 14 wants in that cool too

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