Great news! It’s hump day and you don’t have AIDS. (50 photos)

  • Oregon_country

    #17 MOAR if this beautiul hump and face is needed

  • Jay

    I'm definitely more of a Blues fan……however #38 is making the Cardinals stand out right now. KCCO and Go Cards and BLUES and how about a little MOAR!!!

  • Jason

    32. I saw those dudes at the rippers that night in the falls! they werent nearly as thrilled as i was to see them.

    • Falls

      Sorry Jason, I was happier to see her.

  • Jmk

    #9 fail. #22 let's see the front #38. Go STL!

  • Ahmad

    Im just glad that God created me on the same planet $-$

  • Josh Gift

    I haven't seen too man stl chivettes being an stl chiver

  • BGDDY22

    # 23 how can you keep calm when seeing that? If I am behind that, all that's going to get done that day is making it feel as hot as it looks…

  • onegrey

    Huge Chive Fan with HIV.
    (not full AIDS, but pretty close)

    • onegrey

      p.s. Kinda poor taste, but not offended

  • dolliebaby

    damn it chive. you suck. not yet have i seen my plump tush on the site. i am breaking up with you, chive! no more of my booty, boobies, etc for u to just look at & throw to the spam/trash in your email box. i think im better than some of those flat humps, although some are very sexy, you should have choose my butt over the ones with nothing but back & leg. i am sad now!

  • Bfrench

    Omfg…. Please find 15

  • john

    i want to see #22 from the front 🙂

  • Guest

    Seriously Leo, wtf were you thinking with that headline? I have no problem with low-brow humor, or even downright crude jokes, but making *any* kind of reference like that to AIDS is beyond crass, not to mention just plain stupid. I await the inevitable fallout from advocacy groups, not to mention the follow-up post tomorrow either from you or the Chive powers that be apologizing for that dumb-ass line.

  • Rangerfan

    #26 i would love to have your number! what is it by the way?

  • Tommy

    #49 – Amazing…

  • Marcus

    Very Sexy! And thank you for sharing your beautiful face also.

  • jkcompas

    #38 MOAR! I'm a HUGE Stl Cardianls fan love those!

  • Rob

    #47 I most definitely would

  • pissedoff

    VERY DISGUSTING!!!! How dare this even to be allowed online! Many HIV/AIDS victims will be offended!

  • Carl

    #34 #36 #49 we need more chivette’s with swagger like this ! (;

  • Mark

    #28, #31, #36#

  • CorollaKen

    #23 & #36 FTW! I love hump day 🙂

  • Mojofotoman

    #27,#30, and #33 have my votes. Nice job ladies.. 🙂

  • B.K.

    #23 has beautiful lips….

  • the devil

    Stupid title, but nice humps.

  • Kenny

    #23 – Easy for you to say!

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