Hot Right Now: Painstaking research of boobs has revealed these truths (17 Photos)

Great news! It’s hump day and you don’t have AIDS. (50 photos)

  • Ashley Greene Works Out & Hottest Instagram Photos [Afternoon Dump]

    […] • It’s Hump Day so enjoy these humps […]

  • Houdini1972

    #26,love your back muscles,want to see moar please

  • Guest
  • bdg

    I want #50-just sayin'

  • dboi22

    Moar track and field humps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!one!11!!!!1

  • dboi22

    Moar track and field hump!!!1!!!11!!!!!1!!!!one!!!1!!11!!

  • Patrick Cole Ramos

    #22 def looks like they are topless at a public pool or Must find…

  • Sam

    #38 Find Her

  • marxz

    Pretty messed up title for those Chivers that do have Aids lol

  • Herp Derp

    #36 wins all teh internets

  • Haoro

    i like the chive and visit the site an african,whose continent is ravaged by HIV and AIDS,i find the title very offensive and alienating and not at all in the spirit i have come to expect of the chive.

  • Scott

    Pretty sure #48 is my girlfriend. HOLY SH*T.

  • dawg065

    #1 and #18 moar pleeeeeease!!!!

  • Obe

    O_O absolutely stunning! #11 #36 #37 #42 and of course #45 yay for the Pacific North West 🙂

  • Steven

    #38 find im coming home soon:)

  • nick0126

    moar of #47 and #49 please!!!!!!

  • a concerned chiver

    Title is in very poor taste my friends… I would steer clear of racist, hatred or other peoples misfortunes.
    But that’s just my opinion

  • Round_A$$_Lover

    They are all VERY VERY nice , but #23 #34 #36 #42 need to be SPANKED … then rubbed to make them feel better!

  • Hot_Chivette's_Dad

    Not a Cards fan, but #38 can wear those in my bed ANYTIME!!

  • oldboy

    Oooh, what a lucky man you are!!

  • baz

    #39 amazing!

  • DJ Long

    #15 gamecocks indeed!!!

  • Falthor

    #13 hello fellow Canadian, nice ink.

    #31 great outfit, and you wear it so well.

    #36 Holy crap.

  • dportland

    #40 is the winner…good lord

  • dportland

    i meant #41

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