Great news! It’s hump day and you don’t have AIDS. (50 photos)

  • Jeff

    #23 hump-erfection!

  • jason

    Find a face to #23 now or pay the price!!

  • Jezdezpez

    I love all of them… #26

    P.S – Chive, the title was a tad over the top for those who do have aids.

  • ShamWOW

    #43 … Luv handles and a small ass??? Did I get it right?

    • liam

      Thats what i said! I'm not missing that pancake ass at all…not even a little bit.

  • Lac2501

    #34 sweet birthmark and #36 just simply WOW!

  • Jeff

    #15, I think you'd inspire me to set a new PR if I followed you in a race!

    • runner2runner

      yeah u know what school?

  • Matt

    Thank you chive!!

  • TNT

    36. Pure Perfection.

  • @bdaley84

    #45 Another reason, besides the music, to like Seattle.

  • gonzo

    #23 #49 and to all…. Thank you for makin hump day!

  • lfsg

    #36 is what life is worth living for

  • rich

    #43 i don't get it.

  • JayKizzle

    #44 needs to work on her gap. probably help with chaffing as well.

  • xbod

    #35 Amazing.

  • Matt

    Never thought I'd say this but screw you, Chive. What a horrible headline. And BTW, it's "AIDS", not Aids. If this is coming from your new prodigy or prospect or whoever he is, I'd say this is not a good fit.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #28 A-
    #23 -MAZ-
    #42 -ING!

  • Trevor Muxlow

    Wednesdays are a beautiful thing at the chive

  • rural firefighter

    #11 nice full Hump need MOAR!

    • Big James

      She sent them a lot more and this one she sent a while back. The ones she sent the other day were with a better camera and she was showing the gap… Oh well… Still WIFE MADE THE HUMP DAR!!!

    • bob

      this was definitely the worst one.

  • Anonymous

    hey number 38 i love the drawers you got on!!! from a loyal cards fan from just south of stl.

  • waysidedrip

    More of #47, for the love of all thing holy more

  • psully23

    #22. How lucky is that one guy in the pool on the left staring at these hotties who appear to be topless as well. Sweet!

    • okawesome

      I was wondering if anyone else noticed they were topless, first three pages of comments and not one mention. and yeah, thats one lucky dude!


    #18 Thank you for making my day go by much better.

  • The Truth

    #17 and #21 cuz they showed theyre face


  • GBoat

    NOT COOL title. It's really not funny

  • Skedaddle

    #42 breakfast is served. #45 How about a ride around Lake Union on my boat? #13 great ass bad tat

    • Ballistik

      Holla Seattle!!

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