Great news! It’s hump day and you don’t have AIDS. (50 photos)

  • irate43

    you were one of my favorites from this list

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit #47!!!! Moar!!!!

  • Luckynut

    FIND #47 !!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • john v.

    #16 – they make SPD's for high heels now?

    • john v.

      why the hell did I say that? great ass & beautiful legs and I'm looking at the pedals on the bike. it did seem like a little silly pic at the time, but…. somebody smack me.

  • jeremy

    #13 Where in Manitoba you hiding cause we dont got humps like that in Saskatchewan 😛

  • Ben Parker

    I love hump day!

  • Alex

    #12—The next few pictures on that camera are def forbidden.

    #22–Is that a topless pool?! Where's that at?

  • Sooner

    #36 Dear God!!!

  • MattKL

    #7 d) All of the above

  • WHOA

    #31 and #47 are mind blowing. Simple amazing

  • BIRD


  • crash25

    #7 right, #18, #49. i would tap all these asses

  • caferacer

    Notice the birth mark on #34. Maybe you should have a sexy birth mark post.

  • dyl

    #26 Your facing the wrong way

  • Rhodricc

    #49 Will you marry me? That tattoo and that tush…2 things every girl needs.

  • Bigpoppasmurf

    #47 we def need another tattoo post

  • jimbob jones

    #36 is 'shopped, hate to dash the dreams of the many

  • James Munn


  • Big Mike

    I thought #18 was awesome – then you went and doubled it with #36 – doublely awesome ! get it … 18 + 18 is 36.

  • Tom

    #22 Valhalla?

  • kmorrill4

    #23 How can i with that absolutly breath taking highny!!!

  • anonymous

    Whoever keeps commenting the word "first" on every post, it is completely annoying. Learn sone new shtick.

  • Joefromtheville

    #13 lip slip hahaha keep sending them.

  • evart bum

    My favorite day of the week. Effin gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Thx to all u lovely chivettes. MOAR, MOAR, MOAR. KCCO. Like trying to pick my most favorite sunset. They all spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hump day another way to say heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seattlereign

    love the seattle chivettes

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