• grrrrrind


  • knotmee

    yes, everyone dies. even this annoying little shit.

  • 54adam

    He needs a haircut.

    • RomRom

      Agreed. Looks effeminate.

      • misschris

        Sounds that way too. Damn kid, man up!

        • Jackie Wils

          you guys are so mean. He is just a kid.

          • mvon


  • BryanT

    Funny looking squirrel.. Pretty sure thats a groundhog.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=11605891 Dakota Moore

      i think they had been feeding it or something. i have no idea how that kid caught it

    • Josh

      Its a fox squirrel or red squirrel

  • canguro

    rabies maybe?

  • RossDaBoss

    Nice educational video on the effects of rabies. I for one did not know how quick it spread to the entire body. Also didn't know it turned you into a little girl. Oh well

  • I'm not cute either

    The kid's a little old for this to be considered 'cute' I think.

  • Dan

    How the hell did that squeeling little bitch catch a squirrel

  • Abel

    "You don't die from rabies"…. Such a bad lie.

  • mith

    Ah.. Thinning out the herd..

  • Steve

    i wanna see a video of how he caught that thing

  • BLTP

    You die, she dies, everybody dies…

  • TheJobe

    That squirrel surely has rabies and you will probably die unless you get a haircut. If you continue to be a little shit, and do not get your hair cut, that little lagomorph will retroactively develop raging rabies. Then, surely, you'll die.

  • Rabid R. Raccoon

    "You don't die from Rabies" says the mom. Ahhhh bullshit. IF that animal was rabid and no further steps were taken, death would be a month away. Once it sets in, its almost always fatal. Doubtful that rodent was rabid though.

  • Taint Ed

    Aides have been given

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