Magical hover boats make you want to hover out of your cubicle (18 photos)

  • Tim Stmartin

    (chanting grows louder) hump,Hump,HUmp,HUMp,HUMP!!!

  • lfsg


  • Jezdezpez

    What the fuck is this shit? garbage post….

  • Der'

    If I could have any superpower my first choice would be to be able to turn anything I wanted into cheese. I'd be able to select the type of course.

  • etcrr

    #16 is where I want to be

  • Torden

    I've never seen water that clear in person, it's kind of depressing.

  • Cob

    I came to see pics of sweet boats that look like they're hovering. Not to get bombarded by floating ads for midevil online games!! Get rid that before the humps are realesed or I might not be able to keep calm.

  • bleedinggumsmurphy

    boats and gap.

  • spicticus

    I think we could use this post again in wallpaper size.

  • Anonymous

    Get rid of the ads

  • Asauce

    Should rename it boats and hoes Wednesday.

  • Zachary Bowser

    RIP Steve Irwin.

  • herky

    hover boats don't work on water! UNLESS YOU GOT POWEERRR!!

  • PapaB

    #11 it's all fun and games and beautiful until you see jaws from 100 yards out plotting on how to make you his meal cuz you're in a tiny ass row boat

  • SARmedic

    I used to teach scuba diving in northern california, on a good day you would get 10' of visibility and would talk about how great it was. On a spectacular, once a year dive, you may get 15-20' and it would make your year.

    I see these pictures and they make me want to cry. Why u make me so sad Chive?

  • Philip

    Whatever floats your boat

  • Cdub

    Try living in Texas. You can stand in the gulf of Mexico in ankle deep water and not see your toes
    ( stupid Mississippi river is to blame)

  • Robbo

    I saw these pictures on my break at work today and nothing could have removed me more from the state of mind I was in at work than these photos. Seriously thank you Chive for posting these.

  • tasman

    beautiful water, nice post Chive!!!

  • Miagi-son

    That floats my boat.

  • Kim

    Chive, this is an ultimatum. Stop audio advertisements or I will kill kittens.

  • Obe

    wow #4 and #16

  • SouthWard

    #7 Who the hell names a boat Dwayne?

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