People with tans like these need an intervention (34 Photos)

Via Paleisthenewtan

  • Alice

    To think they actually look in the mirror before they leave their house and really say, " I look gooooooood" WTF!

  • Anthony

    A tan no matter how dark is the least of all of these peoples problems…..its a whole tread of holy sh&t and is that a guy or a girl???

  • InsanePsychic

    #10 is Sidney Lee, actually a relatively well-known C-lister in Denmark. He's done loads of reality tv, and is probably the closest we get to the Jersey Shore crew around here, although, surprisingly, he's not even half as annoying as most reality stars.

  • Dave

    As if half of these aren't photoshopped. Come on, there's even a spray tan feature in the software.

  • @larissamatsson

    Close with the Satan part and the tan is justified ! Check out his band Seraphim Shock, and if you go on facebook and find him you will see this was taken the same day he won a natural body building competion… hence the tan.

    • zelenk

      Gotta love Charles! SS is the best!

  • @larissamatsson

    Oh geez relax people, two of these are body builders. Of course they are tanned lol

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  • Rick


  • Jmk

    Enjoy cancer douchebags

  • BigBK

    #10 looks like the love child of Pauly d and Robocop

  • Chris

    20 looks like a fucking reanimated corpse… And I'm pretty sure 9/10 of these photos were taken from Chicks with Douche Bags dot com…

  • b3nje


    douchebag central!

  • joshjow

    I was going to say #10 creeped me out, then i scrolled down to #11…

  • assman

    terrifying and pathetic…at least they will be easy to pick out of a crowd in the zombie apocalypse! upon which time I will take pleasure in braining them with my sledge hammer/spike/gun (I'm going to file one side of my sledge hammer into a spike and then also duct tape a gun to it with some sort of pull string rig).

  • Matt Bloom

    #10 Is that a guy or a girl?

    One more question, #11 Is that a guy or a girl?

  • brain

    #2 haha, the autistic Baldwin ! POTATO !!

  • nitrox

    #11 Return of the living dead

  • chefamez

    i feel sick

  • Jose


  • Ralph

    Why can't cancer work faster for these people? CANCER stop killing cool people and go for these piles of douche!!

  • Ghostly_Jen

    Gross, dude. I'll stick with being pale.

  • atallginger88

    The muscular chick in #10 is creepy.

  • hammyscrammy

    One simple question, What the fuck is wrong with people?

  • Johnny LaRue

    #30….WTF!!!! Where is George Hamilton

    • Alexander

      Exactly! George is the King of fake tans. His picture should have been put in last as some sort of respect. hahaaha

  • 556shooter

    #10 is the KING of Tools. So much in fact, a Snap On truck drops his ass off everywhere he goes…

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