People with tans like these need an intervention (34 Photos)

Via Paleisthenewtan

  • Thenakedindian

    I don't really think the guy one 28 can help it really.

  • bob

    kill them all with fire!!

  • Pepper

    #11 What the hell is that? Man? Woman? Beast?

  • Mr. Mac

    #34 I didn't know Pauly D had a mentally disabled brother?

  • noegod

    I would say "kill them with fire" except these assholes are probably immune!!!

  • kang0saur

    i count 34 Klingons

  • onekelevra

    the only intervention is….death

  • Daythen

    It's really sad that ppl like this exist

  • The_Hellequin

    #11 – Kill it with fire!!!!

  • Joe

    So, #9. I KNOW the girl on the left. She IS from NJ and that is her NATURAL tan!!!!! She is an oompa loompa though at only 4'10" and round…LOL

    • Michael

      is her first name the same as her last?

      • Joe

        Yes, yes it is! Hey Mike!

  • lulcat

    I'm surprised a picture of John Boehner wasn't featured.

  • Vivian

    27 looks like one of the girls from teen mom

  • cadlecreek

    note to self: pick up bronzer on way home today.

    thanks chive

  • Danny

    Goddamn, those are some fvcked up people. And that's sad. 😦

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