People with tans like these need an intervention (34 Photos)

Via Paleisthenewtan

  • Scotty C

    all of these people need to be shot, burned and buried and put away in the "secret US Warehouse" where they keep everything from Indiana Jones

  • HOYVIN Glavin

    #29 That dude went too far with it.

  • JacksSmirkingRevenge

    #10 & #28 How do you even chart the douche level on these?

  • Amira May


  • RUhigh


  • Iceman2509

    #19 The lovely lady on the right is a beutiful African American woman and the douchebag white chick on the left sparyed herself to have darker skin. This has to stop.

  • kev

    maybe they're all indian

  • Dnasty

    #11 #18 #21 KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • release6

    They all look like they were at the casting call for soul man

  • Joe Goffman

    I think every one in this post needs to watch the fallowing youtube video and understand what they are!

  • aslkdfjasdfjqop

    #29 looks like a shitty version of Jay-Z

  • Jenny

    #29 whats wrong with her eyebrows?

  • HardenLong

    #29 Sweet eyebrows

  • Lee Oeschger

    I didn't think Blackface was socially acceptable anymore…

  • Scottyboy16

    #29. WTF was she thinking. OMFG!!!!!

  • Sam Morales

    #29 This is offensive to colored people!!!…. right?

  • Liam Kelly

    They all will look funny swimming

  • Shane

    micheal jackson in reverse

  • Adriana

    And these people think that they acutally look good…. seriously-WTF??

  • drbman

    |35 and the rest of the lot douchebags are us! Gross now chive hit us with a hump day 2 special!

  • melnorrie

    #28 is the girl from teen mom who beat her boyfriend up.. Lol

  • haeddre

    I’m not sure which one deserves the WTF but #29… eyebrows… really?????

  • Alpha_Dog

    #10 He…she…it?

  • KenT

    I'd say "Kill it with fire!" but in some cases it looks like that has been tried. So I say, Kill it with dry ice blasting! Crush it into tiny pieces and hope that the tiny pieces don't thaw out into itty bitty douche-lings that run around fist pumping and screaming "ooohhh yeeeeahhhh" like a tiny swarm of fire ants.

  • Alghazali Mohamed Almukhtar

    #28 maaaaaan thats totally WTF hahahahahhahaha

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