People with tans like these need an intervention (34 Photos)

Via Paleisthenewtan

  • mutant26

    face like a catchers mitt.

  • Timmer

    One little two little three little douchebags!

  • Former Winfielder


    Please don't reproduce!!!!

  • reebus

    burn them.. BURN THEM WITH FIRE!!

    .. wait nevermind, it clearly didnt work

  • OhSomeEvil



  • ChiveAtWork

    You should have called this album "Jersey's Best"

  • Emilio Sanchez

    #10 looks kind of like a douche version of Nergal of Behemoth!

  • this guy

    Holy fucking douchebags! I’d rather die that look like ANY of these fucking fools.

  • Freaksngeeks

    #5 #11 #21 #28 these will haunt my dreams until I die

  • sensfan

    i was gonna say "kill them with fire" but clearly that failed

  • SARmedic

    #25 Thanks for the arrows on this one, but can you put them on #31 too? I can't tell which one is too tan. 😦

  • Vandaman

    Chive, I feel nauseous, I'll now be purchasing so extra strong sun scream this summer.

  • Andi

    The fact that these are real people scares me.

  • Matt

    #28 is that grimace ??

  • Don Terry

    His tan isn't his only problem…

  • irate43

    kill them all with fire

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #7 You could probably spoon makeup off that mug. Enough to constitute a Halloween mask.



  • Tyler Durden

    The only fix for tan trouble like this is fire. LOTS OF FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

  • cleojones

    shit, shit and shit again.. some of these pics are off the chain

  • Jezdezpez

    #24 #35 These fuckin assholes make me angry

  • SmokinLamb

    They all look like super villains in a anime. Some kind of personal issues deeply rooted in there. #1 and #10 especially.

  • MattKL

    #14 was the only halfway cool one. The rest are fucking awful.

  • supercoxy

    so thats what the predator is doing nowadays! #11

  • jason

    This shit doesn’t fly in Houston. I do believe they should have their asses kicked!!

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