The only fix for car trouble like this is fire (6 Photos)

  • SaltLakeChiver

    Just equip The Pain's Hornet camo!

  • BWayne

    Love how close they are to the vehicle…no fucks given there. By the kids or the bees!

  • Harry H-d Sinner

    #6 so…is that box put there to catch them or was it put there as a badass joke? Please say joke please say joke…

  • ChiveMaster


  • LukeTheTerrible

    That's what you get for driving a car that looks like a dandelion.

  • Mike

    It's pretty easy to tell that those are not real bees. They are digital bees, dumb shits.

  • Boss

    transformers… you're doing it wrong

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #1 ugh chills** i can jus imagine all the buzzing

  • Livin' Legend


  • quwat??

    BURN IT!

  • Retired Navy

    Holy crap!!!! How fast coud one get tin the car w/o being stung and drive really fast to the nearest carwash!!!

  • Brian Wanueka

    Attack of the Killer B's

  • Tko

    Get Nicholas cage in here. …

  • Mark

    This is God telling us even he thinks Cobalt SS are for douchebags


    Reminds me of the woman with dark pants and flies all around her ass.

  • Amigo

    all i see is added value to the car, bees are in high demand these days, consider yourself lucky

  • Greg

    Does anyone remember that video they posted some time ago where the guy torched a beehive in his backyard, and almost everyone in the comments went bat shit crazy over it? No? I think I have been on here for too long…..

  • Man of the North

    Fire extinguishers. It will basically put the bees to sleep (might kill them O.o). Then drive away.

  • Sarah

    Seeing as bee's are a keystone species, and we loose more and more each year, It's cool to see that box under the car.

    Also, I've actually drove away in my car in a simular, but not as drastic, situation. When I stopped to get gas I left my door open and a swarm from the trash can flew into my car. I had 5 minutes to get to work so I slowly got in my car, turned it on and rolled down the window. As I drove out of the gas station they eventually all left (except one stupid one). If you're calm enough they wont pose any threat.

  • Jason

    Deff don't kill the bees… without them there would be nothing to eat… call a bee keeper or animal control…

  • Kerb

    Worked on a bee farm for 2 years. Thats nothing. My last season working there I counted 285 stings for the season. Wonder why it was my last season there



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  • chodus maxipadus

    HAHA this totally happened to me, i had a yellow nissan frontier and one day walked out and was greeted by a shit ton of bees smothering their honey all over it.

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