Chive Everywhere (87 HQ Photos)

  • Road construction chiver


    Please fire fighters take the moment to snap a chive picture while my house burns down.

    • KP13

      It's probably training idiot

  • luckyB

    cmon chive…you got something against civil war reenactors? ill be submitting more after this weekend then…

  • Anon

    #81 = awesome

  • patsbrain

    Hate to tell the guys in #36, but Johnny Cash never spent any time in prison. I hope they didn't get ripped off too badly buying that painting.

    • Alice

      It is authentic, but not from prison.

  • mid13

    #36…needs more guns. But the drawing by Johnny Cash is awesome =]

    • Alice

      There is also a part of his porch where he grew up in the top right picture,

  • dyl

    #15 give me shirt now

  • Kaylin E. McKenzie

    #49 and #87 Jeeesus… please MOOOAAARRR!!!!

  • Semper Fi

    #77 on the left. MOAR!!!!!!

  • Michael

    #47 #72 #87 Find all the Chivettes!

  • KP18

    #68 Meritime Academy? Really?

    • KP13

      Thats embarrassing

    • HatBomb


  • moon101

    #1 You look real familiar lol, what are you doing up at CFB Edmonton? Shouldn’t you be in LA???

    #29 Oh good Ol’ Wainwright how we love to hate you, but hate to love you:)

  • Yup

    Chive is not a verb. Get a life.

  • Tig

    #36. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but Johnny Cash was never in prison. Other than to play music.

    • Alice

      Painted by him but not in prison.

  • snap

    please find #87…. please

  • Brian

    #55 Hell yea! Hotty Toddy!

  • crazyasslenz

    #70 ftw
    62nd amxs on the line all the time!

    • Joney36


  • Rick

    #87 MOAR foar Hump Day! Dew eet!

  • Woop

    #35 Am i the only one who things that defacing a historical wonder is not very chive like. It's like chalking the pyramids or writing all over the mona lisa.

    • Woop


    • Doug

      I agree. Totally not cool, IMO.

    • HatBomb

      Had the same thought, granted, there is A LOT more surface area on the wall then there is on the Mona Lisa. But I still think its pretty disrespectful.

  • chicago

    #8 at a glance seeing the nose scared me for a moment… then my brain figured it was just a nose.

  • kaminski

    HOTTY TODYY! from your good ole mississippi – usma chiver

  • Torgier

    #38…is that Secrets Silver Sands Resort in Riviera Maya/Cancun???

    • Marla

      I am a nurse! Use your imagination! Well yes it is!

  • Alice

    It is painted by Johnny Cash, but not from prison, was done during one of his many 'dark' periods.

  • Crump Racing

    #87 Is a happy ending…

  • chicago

    #49 is SO right in so many ways… really gorgeous

  • @Dignen

    #22 Sorry about your loss man.

    • Jody

      Thank you … still Keeping calm and chiving on..

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