• https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1347360199 Carli Rian Moore

    if the same guy came home to a cat the cat wouldn't know any difference… this is why dogs are better than cats

    • KillerGator

      Both my cat and dog get excited and follow me all over the place every time I come home on break from college. My cat also gets nervous and restless once I start packing up to leave again. Your argument does not apply to me.

      • Art

        haha! Ya me too. When I leave for a day or two my cat gets mad and paces around the house meowing, clings relentlessly to anyone around, and sleeps in my dirty clothes or in my drawers of clean clothes. Siberians are known to be very dog-like

    • Gerrit

      Yea. I bet the family hamster didn't react to him either. And the goldfish? Burn'em, I say

    • Okram

      Not true. Mine always come greet me when i get home from work. So shut up.

  • suck my glock

    He was trying to say…Throw the damn ball.

  • waryee

    dog > cat

  • Kyle

    Add this to the list of reasons why I want a German Shepherd

  • Shannon

    My dogs do this every night when I get home from work! Infact my dogs are probably more excited and jump all over me!

  • http://twitter.com/npfiii @npfiii

    The dog didn't seem to give a fuck, and just wanted the ball throwing.

  • Sauroctonos

    is it just me, or does that "ball" shaped like a hand grenade?

    • login

      They have little feet on the bottom of them so they will bounce wonky or you can stand them up and kick them. My dogs love them.

  • zlaswan

    how many people did this soldier kill before to meet his friendly dog… hmmm

    • Edge

      As many as it takes. Freedom comes at a cost – to both sides.

      • Will

        Yeah…freedom. Are you people already born brainwashed or is it a process?

        • Col. Saunders, USMC

          Both. Some are born to kill and other learn it. Either way, we will not lay down in the face of tyranny, turn our backs on those being subjected to injustice or walk away when the job is not done. Take your American hating bullshit somewhere else or you're country might be next. And if you're from here, GTFO and see how much you like some other government. I suggest N. Korea.

          • login

            I just checked MOL, and there is no Colonel Saunders in the USMC. Try a lower rank next time, as generally we stop adding our rank to random shit and prefacing our names with USMC after we make LCpl.

          • Testing...1...2...3

            Interesting you mention N. Korea…. now there's a place to bring some freedom…. but wait, there'sno oil. Ah well, they can suffer… we're busy freeing up oil elsewhere

          • anon

            You're the cancer eating away at your country.

        • anon

          America is already lost to us unfortunately and only until all their human rights are stripped from them will they finally wake up, but it'll be far too late.

          inb4 a multitude of minus votes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/FilthyKallahan Charles Humphries

      Its sooo funny to me when people make remarks like this or post shit about our soldiers killing people but they never seem to get outraged when the other side puts videos online decapitating people. And as far as no oil in N. Korea….the main reason we havent kicked their ass is because it would likely start WW3 between us and China and we dont wanna be the ones to pull the trigger on that. But the day is going to come when we have to. Whether or not you support the war, you should always support our men and women in uniform….they are doing their job fighting for YOUR right to say stupid shit

    • Jason

      Hopefully alot you douche!!!

  • Mr. Poland

    To all the "This proves dogs are superior to cats" people…

    You're not cat people, and that's fine. My cat, like a few other people have said, will greet me at the door, especially if I was gone overnight. He always wants to be next to me, or in my lap. When it comes to ANY animal, it's all about how they are raised and treated, not their species.

    That said, I think this video is totally awesome and both pet and owner are lucky to have each other.

    • poop

      "When it comes to ANY animal, it's all about how they are raised and treated, not their species. "

      sounds dumb…NERD

      • Dumbass

        Its definately not dumb whatsoever. My cat knows the sound of my car and when she hears it i see her in the front window watching me till she hears the car door close and runs to the door to wait for me. Anybody else she could care less and doesnt even lift her head. Its how the animal is raised you love them and they will love you back. And if i get home really late at night she goes bananas like she thought i was never coming home.

  • Bill Baker

    Thank you Solider, Welcome Home.

  • kelso909

    That is awesome!!

  • AnActualChivette

    Video's awesome – that's clear….

    Found it incredibly weird that the first guy was WEARING A GLOVE to play fetch with the dog. Dogs slobber…it happens…you wash your hands. Who wears a glove?!?! Grow up and get dirty for once – seriously, you're not gonna die douchebag.

    • Jim

      Some people can be allergic to dog saliva…I am and everytime i play fetch with my dog I have to wear gloves or else I swell up and get a rash. Get your facts straigh douche bag

  • ispitzhotfire

    When's the last time a cat ever got excited when you came home?? Fuck cats. That's a lie… I actually like cats. But still…fuck cats.

  • Cats are okay too

    I see my parent's cats about once a year because I live in another country, and they get excited just like this when I return home. Cats vs Dogs argument is comparing apples with oranges.

  • Patrick

    Everyone is completely missing the point of this video. Fuck cats vs dogs. This I about a soldier who returns home and has someone excited to see him. As soldiers thats all we can ask for, down range it's most of what we think about. Congrats to the 1rst can soldier and his dog.

    And whoever asked how many people he killed wrote he could come home, fuck you. Whether you agree or disagree with the war, that individual ad all individual soldiers have nothing to do with it. He serves so pussies like you can have the freedom to be ignorant and stupid like you.

  • Mike

    Why do people need to say negative shit like "how many people did you kill before you came home?". Totally ignorant, who are you gonna turn to when someone tries coming over here and taking our rights away, or our resources?
    I guess you would just roll right over.

  • Arvin Bringas

    I guess this shows how loving your pets goes a long way. This is such a heart-warming video.


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