Hangover Heaven bus rolls through Vegas. Is it worth it? (6 Photos)


  • just joshing

    If you can't handle the hangover, don't drink so much.

    If you can, have at it.

  • winston002

    bloody mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails,
    pray for me now and at the hour of my death,
    which i hope is soon.

    -sterling archer

    • miles

      fantastic show. They've released a book by 'Sterling archer' and it's equally as brilliant (upon first glance)

      • winston002

        i have that, its kinda dry unless you remind yourself to read it with his voice in your head. still a good "coffee table book"

    • littlet

      may have prayed that a few times myself……….hahahha

  • miles

    I’m not sure if I’d use this service. I understand that it fixes you up quick, but if I was hungover to the point that i was willing to drop 90 bucks on a solution I doubt that I’d be able to bring myself out of bed and down to a bus to sit around with a bunch of strangers.

    • littlet

      that is my thoughts exactly.

  • Mitch Pietersz

    It's a very good idea indeed, but given the fact that they're just giving you saline solution, and some vitamins, I don't think it's worth the hefty $90 price tag, let alone the "premium package" of $150.

  • doose

    I like it. But how does the doc make any money. Those buses are 250K for an old used one, plus the staff, supplies and don't forget about gas.

  • chicago

    this bus idea may work for those binge drinkers… better solution is drink a lot and more often. build up that tolerance to drain a bottle of beefeater, or tanqueray, gin martini's. wake up with no troubles.
    better yet in thirds: coke, bc 151, and george dickel [whisky]… go all night.

    ah great, it's only 0930 and now I want a drink. thanks chive

  • me again

    A night long of hardworking at the pub to get the best hangover you can, to make it perfect and enjoyable and this guy comes in and ruins it all…. and you have to pay for this…

  • Longrodd

    i got a better cure, smoke some weed by the time your not high you wont be hung over ither. $10 Vs $90

  • jaeboogie

    Gatorade + vicodin = hangover gone!

    • mcfadinj

      I would say one of the WORST things to take on an upset stomach (with no food) is a vicodin.

      EDIT: Why do my posts get an automatic like as soon as I post them?

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.larose Marc Larose Jr.

      Vicodin has tylenol in it, go ahead and fuck your liver

  • Pancho McDougle

    150$ damn…Ill take a blunt and a gatorade and feel just as good

  • hops

    I’d go for it!

  • Blue bronco

    I guess I'm old school. Get a hangover, hair of the dog.

  • andy021

    oh America you do make me laugh. granted youre no Japan but keep on making the rest of the world laugh anyways 🙂

    • mcfadinj

      I'm pretty sure you didn't say where you were from because of the hypocrisy involved.

  • ItsRightHereRay

    $90-150! or my favourite of a can of red bull, glass of o.j and scrambled eggs on toast which is about £4-5 more money then to do it all again 😀

  • Pwnapotamus

    Why don't you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?
    – Prince

  • spicticus

    My cure, don't drink. Why would anybody want to forget parts of their vacation anyway?

  • Nick

    All these people that are knocking this havent done Vegas right. This is Genius.

  • J. Phine

    Ghey – Man up w/ a shower, nug and bloody for a fraction of the cost. Very happy no KCCO shirts were in these pix.

  • Paul

    fuck that!! just drink a couple of beers…youl be fine..save yr money.xD

  • Shat_Thrice


    Gig 'em

  • RonSwanson

    This seems excessive. I have a cure for your hangover, and it's called MAN THE FUCK UP.

  • Mitch

    Right now while I'm sober sitting at work I might not be willing to shell out the coin, but Saturday morning after a solid night out I'd probably pay ten times that just to be able to walk to the kitchen without wanting to hurl.

  • NOLA

    Not a bad idea but whatever happened to just waking up and going right back at it, bender style. hangover is gone pretty quick and you are being awesome all over again.

  • the hoochie

    What?! So I spent last night paying upwards of 40$ to get myself this sweet hangover, and now they expect me to pay another 90$ to get rid of it? Oh hell no 😀

  • niall198

    good idea, but a hair of the dog works just fine. man and have a breakfast of champions! works without fail, every time

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