Hangover Heaven bus rolls through Vegas. Is it worth it? (6 Photos)


  • Hugh G. Rection

    bunch of pussys

  • http://twitter.com/bspoone Experience

    You don't even need a Hangover Truck, only the weak need this. Just drink when you wake up until you pass out, and repeat.

  • hokiemct

    it works…just find a friend on your local volunteer fire dept. or rescue squad.

  • TSB

    count me in! be in vegas next weekend ill have to give it a test run

  • Firefighter16

    A line of NS TKO while you sleep…we've been doing this in the EMS/medical world for years. Now someone is charging for this? Lame

    Just become friends with a paramedic or nurse and they'll hook you up for nothing.

  • TNT


    Gig 'em Ags!

  • HAL

    you can get the same treatment for $3.75 by buying a Gatorade and eating some eggs

  • Matt

    If you don't need saline after every night of drinking you're not doing it right because I sure as hell know I do

  • David

    Leave it to an Aggie to be a pussy about a hangover. Guns Up!

    • Honest

      Spoken like to true dumbass! If you havent had a hangover before, then learn how to party harder. Everyone gets one from time to time.

  • M.O.T.

    Hair of the dog; hangover fixed after your first pint, job done.

  • ChiTownChiver

    Be a fuckin man and grab bloody mary. youre in Vegas, worry about the hangover when you get back like the rest of us.

  • tysonren


  • Its Me

    That combination will not get rid of a hangover, just make you feel not as crappy. Take 4 Advil and drink a lot of water. If you are going to drink Gatorade drink as much water as well, there is a lot of sodium in Gatorade which will dehydrate you. Save your money for more booze.

  • The kid

    I didn't even have to read the rest ITS WORTH IT! I partied way to hard one night and while staggering home I got jumped really bad. In the morning when I woke in the emergency i was beat up really bad soar everything hurt but dam i felt great no hangover!

  • JackieJ

    If you have never tried this cure before you are missing out. I have a friend who's an EMT and has gotten IV bags for us after a night of drinking. 30 minutes later you could run 5k like a champ.

  • Kristen

    I'd pay whatever's they want!

  • MTD


    Gig 'em Aggies!


  • KCCO

    I haven't been hung over since I've been a paramedic… miracle cure? Absolutely

  • AkademikFailure

    Always make sure ur drinks have plenty of ice and every few drinks u have a water… bam no hangover

  • jeff donuts


  • JettisonX

    Sign me up. For all you geeks that say you rehydrate yourself….no shite, but this does it WAY faster.

  • steviearty51

    No more DUIs and I'll never get fired from a job again. This is the greatest idea ever.

    • BiGGyT

      Pretty sure it does not fix drunk, just dehydrated.

  • CyJoe

    This is what I want my tax dollars spent on!

  • Montauk_Monster

    Do they drop you off at the bar after?

  • kc123

    nurses have been doing this for years. what really works better is if you give yourself a liter bolus of normal saline BEFORE you have an all day drinking event to prevent a hangover.

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