Hangover Heaven bus rolls through Vegas. Is it worth it? (6 Photos)


  • http://www.facebook.com/barrett.dugger Barrett Jazzy Dugz Dugger

    thats why being prepared before even going out comes in handy. have your gallon of electrolyte drink ready before bed. and a NOS nrg drink for the morning. Maybe even a bottle of ibuprofen. all of those $12 versus $90 for something thats all the same. Maybe its my college budget talking.

  • nuccabay

    seems a bit expensive but i guarantee it works fantastic

  • U.Grant

    Yeah. I'm going to pay someone to stick a needle in my arm when it's not necessary. No thanks. I'll just avoid the hangover entirely by not drinking.

    • billiam

      You know how i know you're gay?

  • http://www.facebook.com/TCAdkins89 Troy Adkins

    I'm in the army and if you're real tight with the medics then sometimes they'll stick you for free.

  • P Brown

    get an oxygen machine (one used to treat sleep apnea) and just use that after a night of drinking.

  • tommytwotime

    I'll stick to the tried and true hair of the dog

  • Tralaix

    We do that in the military all the time. Just buddy up to a medic.

  • BrittKenya

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  • Maveric

    Everyone in the Marine Corps has known of this for a long time, this is why you make friends with a corpsman

  • persico35

    Some people just can not handle Vegas.. you are supposed to keep drinking.

  • NateBallz

    Coconut water! Replaces all 5 of your electrolytes lost during the party whereas Gatorade only does 2 – its amazing

  • RothNorma

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    WHOOP! KCCO from class of 2012!

  • http://paulgillespie.me Pauly

    There are days I would have paid twice that price to be remotely functional the next day – inevitably a day I have something important to do.

  • Tom

    Someone is looking for a lawsuit.

  • https://www.facebook.com/howard.letzkus Howard Letzkus

    Red cactus juice

  • Clay

    I did this about a month ago and don't knock it until you try it. I went in there after a few hours of sleep with a hangover that rivaled most I've had and I felt like a new man when I left. Only complaints: it took quite a bit of time and the price tag is a little steep but I was going home a winner so Vegas paid for it for me. Also, some guy passed out because he couldn't handle being pricked with a needle. That made me a little uneasy because I didn't know, at the time, if it was a reaction but it turned out he was just a pussy.

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