If creepy mated with science their lovechild would be Female Android Geminoid F (15 Photos & Video)

And now a video of Female Android Geminoid F’s first singing performance in Hong Kong.


  • LiquidMuff07

    Japan WTF?

  • Numa

    Does it makes sandwiches ?

    • Eric

      OMG I laughed at that so hard I almost threw upped.

      Thank you

    • Misogyny!

      I hate you. Stop with the sandwich jokes.

      • Jesse

        Yeah! There is laundry to do too!

  • Der'

    Does it sex?

    • Brian P.

      It was made in Japan…

      • fed

        so… has it tentacles then?

        • Fercho

          nope just pixels in you know where

    • Der'

      on another note, why did they make it talk? Defeats the whole purpose.

    • thedude325

      Yea. It seems Japan is dead set on continuously trying to create better things to put their penises in.

      • Frank

        Hey, that's my sex box and her name is Sony.

        • pewpewpew

          better than blow up dolls mericans use..

          • thedude325

            Shit yea it is!

    • TheGhost

      It does, 100% silicone 🙂

      Soon… They will drive vehicles like we and give fucks as we do… Soon… KCCO… Sooooooooon 🙂

  • Oregon_country

    Im creeped the fuck out.

  • calsi

    Flesh-light insert?

    • Tom

      Hope so

  • BigPup

    I need laundry folded too…

  • Mr Schneebly

    #2 made this hard to masturbate to

    • dude miller

      hard…but not impossible right?

    • Terminator

      I actually enjoyed it.

    • http://twitter.com/TAndrewarhol @TAndrewarhol

      Doesn't matter had sex.

    • wyph

      Imagine the blow job

      • SDCableGuy

        YES! They need to make an attachment specially for blow jobs! Maybe they can make one that can get all it's teeth snapped off for blow jobs OR they can add one more behavior where they teach it not to use its teeth.

  • insane2U

    I`ll stick with the real thing thanks

    • videologic

      no you won't. You won't have either

    • pewpewpew

      Palmela Handerson?

  • MattKL

    Living in the future is pretty cool, but sometimes, it's very weird too. This is one of those weird times.

  • josephanthony

    Is he sleeping with it? I bet he's sleeping with it.

    • firechickens

      If he was sleeping with it, the last thing he would do is make it talk.

  • James

    Female Android = Gynoid

  • dlas;kfjsperuio

    Gen 1 Terminator???

    • TheGhost

      Will sing a killsong to you… Agrrrrrrr 🙂

  • Old Mayor of D.C.

    I hear you man.

  • Snake

    Tupac is going to look so cool next concert now!

  • Bob

    racist prick

  • etcrr

    But a robot won't nag you, bitch at you, yell at you, spend your hard earned money on a frivolous shopping spree, can't complain about what shows you watch on TV or bitch cause you are drinking a few beers

    • beer man


    • RAY

      Said as he writes out a check with lots of 0's in it.

    • mmk

      neither does your goat

    • Tara

      wow, sounds like you have dated some real winners! 0_o

    • amrith777

      Until it crosses the "Uncanny Valley" and becomes self-aware….but you're probably correct–until then,you should be safe.

    • Jon

      Oh man, you're a cool dude! I bet you're really fun to hang out with!

  • John Kenny

    #2 and #6… CYBERDINE Systems Model One-Oh-One. Just needs a lever-action 12-gauge. :S

    • Creamer

      Good idea. Give it guns. 😦

  • JON

    In world new, robot malfunctions and bites creators dick off…

    • Dan

      Well, shieet, no oral with robots in the future then… 😀

  • Trav1121

    LMDs are fuckin' sweet, til you see them up close. Then they are scary. 😦

  • athos

    I, for one, welcome our new robot masters…

  • JadeyBear

    Don't see how it's dirty, don't see how being Asian has anything to do with it, and I also don't see how creating something so technologically advanced is retarded? But as far as you're concerned good solid, well structured racist argument presented. Kudos you.

  • Cider Drinker

    #2 is Johnny 5 from the new Chive t-shirt aint it?

  • snooze

    u mad inbred white trash hillbilly?

    • Bob

      Way to argue racism while at the same time being racist.

      • pewpewpew

        f that, most chivers blatantly post asian jokes all the time here. I guess if it's funny its okay. so heres a few.

        What do you call 300 white men chasing one black guy?
        The PGA tour.

        Whats the difference between a white man and a snake?
        One is evil, cold blooded, venomous, slimy creature of satan, the other is a snake..

        Whats the difference between a smart blond and a UFO?
        There have been sightings of UFOs

        and at least i have the courtesy to say this is just for laughs and dont get offended.. ;]

    • Early Cuyler


  • vandal


  • Alexis

    Kill it with fire!!!!!

    • Shawn

      No, kill it with a big EMF pulse.

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