If creepy mated with science their lovechild would be Female Android Geminoid F (15 Photos & Video)

And now a video of Female Android Geminoid F’s first singing performance in Hong Kong.


  • A.Kunetka

    Singing a Japanese song… Is this really in Hong Kong?

  • Plebian

    id hit that…

  • Josh

    judgement day is approaching

  • BrittKenya

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  • Chivester

    A little too creapy!!

  • Pistol

    This is unbelievably frightening!


    The first time I saw this was on a Cracked.com article and this was one of the least creepy in my opinion, there was another that is humanoid only missing the top half of its head, with memory and can remember if you have been rude and "Hanson Robotics insists that "if you treat Jules poorly, it may not be nice to you."", have fun with the nightmares!

    (Check it out for yourself..)

  • TheGhost

    g(.)(.)gle cuntrolled firmware is downloaded. Press OK to apply changes…=/

  • dawg065

    better than a real doll.

  • TomAss

    Japan will rule the world someday

  • Akzombie

    #15 sexy time? looks more alive than half the people I work with.

  • Stephen

    Still more facial expressions that Kirsten Stewart!

  • noegod

    And we're that much closer to the machines taking over! Thanks a lot you tech lovers! Japan's obsession with robots will be our undoing!

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