• Shitcago Blackcocks


  • kingsfan34

    Just like he trolled the justice system after that Colorado Hotel incident

    • keeraang

      FUCK YOU!!!!

    • John

      Oh that girl with six dozen different guys cum in her? That one?

    • mvon


    • gillis

      Let's be honest here no one's gonna get raped by Kobe except in basketball

  • Jon

    Lmfao got'em

    • roflcopter

      You really laughed your fucking ass off? Nope, you = :pokerface:

      • roflcopter

        if i wanted a fuckin smiley, i would have asked for a fuckin smiley… : pokerface :

        fuck it, nevermind

  • jonny

    the footwork that he demonstrated there proves why he is so much better than Lebron or Durant

    • Jaba

      Lebron, yes. Durant, you are out of your mind.

  • Snake

    kobe took 11 shots behind that wall

    • hwath

      You win.

    • mvon

      hahaha you know it

  • Oregon_country

    Can i get those 19 seconds back.

    • drwar41

      I'm sorry, was the title misleading in some way?

    • Vince

      Probably took you longer to scroll down, write out the comment and then post it – bitch!

  • MisplacedTex

    Want mine? Not available, so I still have 19 seconds to spare.

  • Hugh

    That Kobe, what a kidder.

  • RCT

    Got em coach!

  • whatever

    Why does it have to be "trolling"? Can we just go back to calling it joking, having fun, etc?

    • Simba

      In this context, trolling = joking.

      • sheesh

        ya don't say…

      • 0900

        Trolling means saying something or acting in a way to garner angry or emotional responses from people think the original comment is 100% serious. Somehow this term has degenerated to something getting ANY sort of reaction out of ANYONE.

        So no, joking does NOT = trolling.

        • Chris


  • old n cranky

    Agreed. Back in my day they were jokes or pranks. Don't get it

  • Really?

    That floor isn't fake.

    • Skermitt

      I see what you did there…

  • Ralphehh

    Kobe did a Lebron 4th quarter act.

  • Landen

    I actually found that to be pretty amusing. Thank you Chive

  • jjj


  • KO8E24

    Kobe is awesome 😉

  • OhSomeEvil

    it's awesome to see athletes showing their personality off the court.

  • Metta people's elbow

    He got lost behind the pillar.

  • KayakAggie

    Oh snap! He be clowning.

  • scott

    wow that was a great video…

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/13521/kobe-trolls-cameraman-video/ Kobe trolls cameraman (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

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