Redheads: The great things in life are always harder to find (36 Photos)

  • Shellbo

    Define redhead? Every week there are some fakes in this post. Am I alone here? Also, redheads are the devils spawn. Where are the brunette posts?

    • Trav1121

      Someone with red hair. Are all these women natural redheads? No. Do they all have red hair? Yes. Bob likes em red. There probably aren't enough submissions from naturals to create a weekly post so he lets the rules bend some. I, for one, don't mind. I would pick the weekly post over none at all for lack of participants. 🙂

  • Shadow Kearsley

    26 and 34? Who? And go!

  • Jeppe

    #12 is Danish model Anne Lindfjeld! She's pretty much the hottest thing to ever come out of Denmark. Google her! You're welcome! 😉

    • _Moose_

      Holy shit. You weren't kidding.

  • Trav1121

    #2 and #36 are gorgeous! Start off with a bang and end with a bang! Nice setup, Bob.

  • Tim

    #23 gets me going!

  • Max

    #31…. now kiss….and can you make me a sandwich?

    • echogeo

      They're ducked up for it.


    #36 hottest girl ever!!!!!!

  • Loki

    Gingers have no souls!!

    • Whiskey

      We have many souls, because we eat them

  • whyme1973

    #2 #26 Holy shit! Show stoppers.

  • spicticus

    #2, #5 and #20 are my picks FTW

  • Rick

    #30 Such a beautiful woman.

  • Jeff

    #1, I'd love to go south to north on those legs.

  • Herb

    Made it to #30 There is no need to looks elsewhere.

  • Jeff

    #29, you're doing it right.

    • The Truth

      incredible . COTW material

      • Always Last

        She already had her own spread.

  • Jeff

    #28, we need proof. MOAR!!

    • fact

      Carpet & drapes? prove it

  • Jeff

    #22, Maggie & those eyes! Gets me every time.

    • Jared

      When is she gonna be CotW??

  • Jeff

    #3, here let me save you!

  • Jeff

    #20, MOAR please! MTG & Hump Day would be good starting points.

    • Azim

      looking beautiful

  • jay

    #12 #15 #35 moar moar moar!

  • Obe

    I generally do not prefer tattoos, but i would defiantly make an exception for #12 O_O

    • Hugh


  • whozapimp

    #15 #19 #29 n #30……making me see red rum!!!!!!

  • burlap

    #2 im in love. #10 is a babydoll

    • Pat

      Anybody know who #10 is?

  • skrun

    Have you seen her? Woooooooooooow keep me looking for 10min

    • bdg

      Find her!?!?!?!?!

      • Ulysses

        Anna Semenovich

  • touchmybigbird

    #12 #23 #32
    moaaar plz

    • miles

      I'm pretty sure #23 is Jennie June. She's beautiful.

  • Matthew White

    Moar #16 #20 and #24 please

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