Redheads: The great things in life are always harder to find (36 Photos)

  • yeah buddy

    #2 #12 #23 #32… Winning

  • JD Lake

    I hear they're kinky too (bonus!!!)

  • maxchiver

    #2, i just filed my divorce papers. please be mine. WOW!!!!

  • Dr. Noiswater

    ginger flbp day?! awesome!

  • Vicwick

    #34 Imagine the sandwiches she would make…

  • this guy

    Fuck that stupid scrolling pop up bar at the bottom of the pages!!! It never fucking closes when you click the x. Get rid of that shit!

    • Geshko

      Its trixsy and false! There are actually TWO bars. The dark Chive bar that is somewhat annoying, and sometimes a highly irritating ad over the top of it.
      Look to the left for the 'X' to close the top bar, then close the Chive bar with the X that is where its supposed to be.

  • J. E. Ironmug

    #5, #15, #18 Make my heart race.

    • astrowhiz

      that's cos it's pumping all the blood to your winky

  • @Thedude_1620

    #30 MOAR!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #2 – Find her please!
    #4 – Very creative and sexy. MOAR!
    #9 – LOL! This is really cute.
    #13 – Find her! She’s beautiful.
    #23 – I really would like to see a front side photo with her smiling.

  • Nate Woodard

    All are beautiful, but #2 and #4 are my big winners.

  • chris

    #2 for the win! Moar moar moar

  • nappy

    #2#12!!!!! red hair and sleeves, and big boobs.

  • charlie o

    #2 WOW! Never been with a ginger, but I would like to get with that

  • Random

    I fell in love at least two dozen times while scrolling this page…

  • biggs

    I am going to go ahead and request a new category … high heel thong lift!!! My new favorite pose! Wowza!

  • EJar123

    #16 Star Trek #19 One Piece – Damn, I think I must be in heaven to see these amazing red headed nerds.

  • Trainer

    #2 wow she is smoking hot. and #26 she could shake those on me any day

  • @Computalotapus

    #22 beautiful face and a fantastic picture

  • Brent Edwards

    Please tell #16 that I have all the movies on blu-ray, the original series and the cartoons on dvd and a large collection of memoribilia. I mean, if she's into that sort of thing.

  • Lee

    Way to go Chive #1 Best Pic of The Week

  • Must


    This is one of my favorite posts for the simple fact I get to see more of Alexis.

  • Mike

    Find Her #1

  • Sam

    #32 Tank Girl tattoo make her even hotter!

  • Mr. Cellophane

    #16 #19 Ummmm yeah…..WOW….speechless…..

  • G-Rock

    #12 and #23 are gorguse!!

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