Actors behind the popular movie masks (40 Photos)


  • Daniel Richards

    wow clay mathews you really let yourself go…

    • Zaboor

      As an American of Polish decent who sevred in the US Army for 13 years, I am always so proud to hear how my fellow Poles are great allies and great soldiers. We always get a bad rep for all the jokes, but all the Polish soldiers I have met are high speed and a credit to ther country. Great post I love it.

  • Shawn

    Um, no Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees?

    C'mon, Chive, you're better than that! :p

  • RothNorma

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  • felyrose

    #23 stunner and one of my favorite films

  • CoreyClu

    The best Joker of all time. Enough said.

  • Remy

    Gary Oldman is the master of disguise, I had no idea he played Mason Verger in Hannibal until I checked IMDB.

  • Mariad

    I think Englund played Phantom of the Opera, as well.

  • Axel

    Robert Englund without the Freddy Krueger mask looks like Mister Nice Guy next-door 😉

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