Yuroe donig ti worng (35 photos)

  • Keith_D

    For the love of God, please find #3 and bring me/us MOAR!

  • Arcona


    #11 Oh helllll yeah!

  • Martin

    Love #18

  • BrittKenya

    as Crystal said I'm stunned that people can make $4697 in one month on the computer. did you look at this website (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/wJm21

  • Xhemial

    #31 That is pretty epic

  • Xhemial

    #24 A place for father/ son bonding

  • El Fuerte

    Close enough

  • Nishtai

    – Hey, which countries are part of the U.N.?
    -No idea, just Google Image "U.N." and put every flag you can find in the mother.
    -You are a genius!

    • je

      Nazi Germany wasn’t in the U.N.

  • iphonesr4sheep

    HELL YES #2 Windows Phone FTW! Eat it apple using sheep!!!

  • bulletstopper

    #23 The Silver Surfer loses a fight…

  • Guest

    ** Yu'roe **

  • front butt

    #33 Jump, jump
    The Mac Dad will make you, jump, jump
    Daddy Mac will make you, jump, jump
    Kris Kross will make you jump, jump…………….anybody?

  • Steve

    #9, Chive please don't go down the break.com route of showing people with or getting nasty injuries!

  • Peggz

    #33 you say wrong, i say easy access

  • shad

    #33 y u reject!!!!!!

  • RothNorma

    like Elaine explained I'm amazed that anyone can make $5183 in one month on the internet. have you read this webpage (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/IRuFI

  • http://cnp-keythai.com A cover

    nailed it just doesnt do it justice

  • Jezdezpez

    #2 the quote is true but I would never trust a Windows phone math!

  • Notknowing

    #17 a swastika?? Really?

  • DaveStinson316

    #30 can still be used to make you dance. (See back to the future 3)

  • chris the sailor man


    I hope this starts a new trend that becomes a standard not the exception

  • ?????

    #12 is he trying to put out a fire or start one?

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