An internet marraige is as amusing as advertised (11 Photos)

  • Jeff Bainbridge

    Doesn't matter had sex!

    • cocales

      You got it!

  • Francisco

    Two people met and they are in love. Who cares who it happened – Let them be happy – props to them for seeing past the surface and loving each other for who they are.

  • vandal

    Finding someone online is a LOT different that pretending to be some six-pack, big tittied slim model in a game chat room. Being honest is the foundation of any relationship so this one is doomed from the start. Had I seen her pics after seeing her avatar I'd have cancelled my account.

    Look what they've made me do, I've got all deep and shit. TITS! There, that's better.

  • misslee

    still a better love story than twilight.

  • Gilgamesh1979

    Okay, I have to say it. It's spelled "Marriage." I've never been a big stickler for grammar (I split infinitives and dangle participles with the best of them), but spelling is different. Especially in the title!

  • nikodhemus

    I kind of hate that this falls under 'Creepy' and 'WTF' tags… If she was 12 and he was a deranged trapeze artist, then WTF all over it. And, the bit in the intro about 'Represented themselves as fit people'… how f*cking shallow are you? You guys do a lot of 'human interest' stuff on here that is interesting and not sickening or strange, why does this one have to be any different?

  • john J

    Forever alone………wait, oops….nevermind….

  • David Grile

    Marriage comes in all shapes and sizes. Let’s hope that love finds you. Even on the freaking Internet. And it’s creepy.

  • Don

    First, I think this post is making a point that is valid. Yes they are not models, however as we ALL do at times, they went someplace, met each other, and before doing so used their emoticons and their online images as something they were not. In the end they met, fell in love and yes that is cool. I wonder how many studs that post on here, with their witty comments, of claims their GF's are hotter etc, are in all reality 14 year old boys who yank it to the chive. I am a 44 yer old model from the Rhineland, I am married secretly to Jessica Alba, and have a bunny that shits chocolate eggs. I am going to go now drink my coffee, and go eat Jessica.

  • Notworking

    I don't care what they look like but I agree that it is creepy that people misrepresent themselves like that. I'm okay with Chive calling it WTF, Creepy. I've counseled with enough couples and an individual that starts out with misrepresentation will probably always misrepresent facts. That is scary and UNATTRACTIVE. Who wants to be married to someone they can't trust? Love isn't selfish it is about what is best for the other person. I wish them the best. KCCO!

  • mattitude

    Yeah thechive, you are better than this. You promote posts with normal girls being better than fake models, but two unconventially attractive people fall in love and it's "OMG the ugliez iz in lurve, lolwtfbbq"! I feel so good when you do good things, like the star wars post for Drake. And the next day, you do this shit. Who the hell cares, let them be, you are just being the asshole kids in school.

  • Fred Dorfman

    I think meeting people online is pathetic and sad. Whatever happened to meeting your future girlfriend at a bar, liquor store, college, or work. I suppose I would rock the web to date a cougar but to meet a future wife, that is just sad. I would rather stay home and pull root than surf the web for dates.

    • MissE

      This is 2012. One in five relationships start online nowadays. That's 20% of all relationships. And people you meet in bars and liquor stores are supposed to be better-suited for dating how?
      Some online chats turn into real, true, wonderful relationships. True, some people use the anonymity to their advantage and make things creepy, but some people really want to find someone, and maybe don't have the courage to seek people out in person. No, I have not dated anyone online, but who are you to say it's pathetic?

    • bzazz

      I can tell you have high standards when you meet girls at the liquor store.

  • ummmya

    Thats cool…..but their kids are going to have some fucked up teeth

  • Evolute


  • Mutt

    I met my wife online and we just had our ten year anniversary.

    • Philip

      Congratulations Mutt. Same here!

  • Disappointed

    This is a sad day as a chiver. This post is terribly judgemental coming from a site that is usually positive and humorous. You weren't even trying to mask how harsh and judgemental you people may really be. And to the people screaming "lighten up" or "have a sense of humor", what If these two were your family? Would you laugh then? Shame chive, shame.

  • I-Need-$$

    Wow, reading some of these post I now realize a lot of people that are chivers are fat nerds who pick up chicks in chat rooms. SMH If your really that upset about this thread then I think you should be looking at TheBerry not TheChive.

    • MissE

      And the Douche of the Day Award goes to: I-Need-$$:

      Try to brush up on your grammar/spelling before you try to troll someone else, Douche.

      People aren't upset that the thread exists, merely saying it should be a motivational/inspirational post, not creepy/WTF and judgmental against these two. Yes, their avatars are gross misrepresentations of themselves, but why should that take away from the fact that they found each other, told the truth (eventually), and fell in love?

      • bzazz

        Yeah, this genius probably made his username I-Need-$$ because he can't spell money.

  • NOLA

    F'n weirdos, but to each his own

  • Craigery

    I'd like to see some photos of "Bob" and his ugly wife (if he even has one).

  • Lockdown

    It's a website man… Y'all should all calm down.

  • lisa

    Love you guys…. but you spelt marriage wrong…

  • sarah

    Love you guys but you spelt marriage wrong…. right lisa

  • Rob

    BTW Chive it's spelled M A R R I A G E.

  • MattyDeuce

    Holy balls, they exchanged pics afterwards, so regardless of the avatar they used, they knew what they were getting into physically after the fact. Let them be happy; most of us would love to have something like they have (not necessarily the interwebs nightclub social life thing, but the apparent happiness that they possess). We use avatars on this site, and I would say a good 50% of us don't use our actual picture because as someone stated before, everyone judges your appearance before they even get a chance to know you…with the exception of Paula, nobody who uses an avatar of sorts (not of themselves) can really say that their picture is "who they are."

  • Evie Rose

    are you guys fucking high this a.m….. 1st flexi fatty then this, c'mon man

    • Jammy

      now that made me laugh!!!!

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