An internet marraige is as amusing as advertised (11 Photos)

  • Mikehoncho

    OK its not weird that the two found each other but how they did is wierd and to everyone saying that u dont chose to be ugly well thats bullshit although u cant chose ur apperence u can choose how fit and healthy u are. so stop bitchin about how u cant find some one bc ur fat and get to the gym and dont say u dont have time bc i work 50 hours a week, train to fight 15 hours a week and still have time for my gf and family and if u have kids take them so they are not over weight and lazy like 90% of kids these days

    • I Love Rooster

      I don't know. I was a Marine and the epitome of fit and healthy. Then I got hurt. Hurt bad enough to where even swimming is out of the question for cardio. Thus I gained weight even though I still eat healthy. But considering docs told me that I would probably never even walk again I don't care about the extra thirty pounds so much.

      • Mikehoncho

        Man I am so sorry and I respect u more than words can describe I've lost 3 friends over seas and this comment was not directed to men and women like u. It was directed to people who are perfectly fine but bitch about how they can't get in shape and I just want to slap them. But keep fighting man bc I know a man who was told he would never walk again and he told the doctor fuck u yes I will and although not very well but he can walk today.

  • Joey

    Met my lady online also. Myspace (ha! remember that?). We've been together now for 5 years, and married for almost 1. I think online is a great place to start. You can feel them out, and avoid the awkward dating. I guess the difference is we were portraying our true selves on Myspace. This is a little weird since they're nothing like they portrayed themselves on the game. Again though if they're happy, then more power to them!

    Oh and my lady got me a BFM shirt. Got it yesterday in the mail. She's a keeper!

  • Matt Z

    Hey Chive… spell check. Learn it, live it, love it.

  • Gash Hound

    I don't think that guy cares what we think…..Doesn't matter, still had sex

  • Stan The Man Gable

    Poor Bastard! Gets to fuck around on the internet and play with big titties all day

  • Tugger

    Great, I am happy for them. There is jelly out there for everyones pb sandwich, but come on… it is funny. I bet if you asked them they would laugh about it. Got some real defensive internet daters in the world


    There are too many trolls on this post.

  • JohnsShadow

    This is usually the type of asshole post that Leo makes. I'm shocked at Bob.

  • T MAc

    Marraige…… Spell check it Chive intern Bob… try marriage…….

  • RothNorma

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  • ryno

    …for the record im all for the two people finding love but IMVU is fucked up and the people who live their lives out on it are fucking wack jobs and thats whats ' creepy' and 'WTF' about this, meeting people online is fine, living a fantasy life on a gamming site cuz your too lazy to get a real one is fucked up..get over it.

  • Jason

    Didn't I see Philip Alvarez on "To catch a predator"?

  • Maunee George II

    Tasteless placement or not….I still find the story rather awesome and I'm very happy for them. Neutral on finding it here, but happy I found it nonetheless. Best Wishes

  • grrregg

    Two people are happy together, who really gives a damn how they met, they're happy. If you have a problem with that, it's just that, your problem.

  • Jezz

    If you're good looking it isn't difficult to find other good looking people to be with you, using the common approaches. If you're good looking it's also easy to look at this and laugh at these people because they found each other in a way that you wouldn't use. I don't think they misrepresented themselves. I doubt either of these people were naive enough to think that the person they were talking to actually looked like that. Do you think she thought that he actually had fangs in real life? Don't be stupid.

  • David

    Nailed it!

  • Jammy

    I think we are all focusing on the wrong thing here. You all need to GROW UP and BE SERIOUS. Clearly a dentist and orthodontist is what they need, possibly an oral surgeon.

  • Penal_Colony

    I met my wife online too. We "dated" for over 2 years before actually meeting in person, and a year and change later, we were married. Whatever works.

  • 36524

    This is amazing. It's true they met each other online through an artificial means, but they married each other IRL! The false identities didn't matter because their true selves were apparent on and off screen regardless of the mask.

  • jack wagon

    Hey Philip Alvarez, stop being such a bitch and chill the fuck out

  • jeff donuts

    "attractive and in shape people" yea fucking right.if thats what u call being in shape then i must be in perfect shape cuz i actually workout everyday and look good

    • I Love Rooster

      Reading comprehension is not your forte is it?

  • Big Joe

    God, I feel so much better about myself.

  • Karl


    • Cowboy1354

      Revenge of the Nerds ref. Props.

  • J_PoP

    Wish I was blind after seeing that! GOOD LORD!!! They put new meaning to the phrase Bumping Uglys!!!

  • socalmarti

    Round of applause for the posts on this one!!!! You guys just made me proud to be a woman!!!!

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