And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • Carbon

    greatness, comes in many forms young grass hopper

  • JLK

    Please fire someone for this…

  • BLTP

    Now I need a Vicodin and therapy. Thank you Chive.

  • ruckus

    raises the question.. if You could, whould you…?

  • joeybastardo

    gayer than 10 guys fucking 9 guys.

  • Monte Chiver

    Um…so…yeah….I'm just wonderin why he would pose for all these. Ghey, perhaps? I can't un-see!!!!

  • Adrianna Fitzwater

    Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  • d--

    He could hook up with a really flexible girl and have open scissor sex!

  • jose

    It’s funny because he’s fat!! LOL

  • BigBrewDawg

    Dude…I thought we were friends…

  • Joey101

    the fuck did i just use my time looking at??

  • matt

    enough with the splits! watch baseball!

  • Bearfckr

    I've got the weirdest boner right now


    Really, Really, Faggoty Faggot.

  • Fuck Mac!!

    I'm surprised this gay post is not from Mac!! That guy fucken sucks!!!

  • Monkey dunk

    How many pair of cut-off denim shorts can one person own?

  • The Arkade

    There's an obvious reason he's wearing jhorts

  • KNM

    Why the fuck are there 30 photos of this guy?

  • Hainzy

    We deserve red heads bearing full nipples

  • Livin' Legend

    And the one reason he actually learned how to do that cannot be shown on The Chive. And my thanks for that is such that I willingly accept that I will see no bare nipples on this site.

  • Jbird

    WTF chive. Is he wearing jorts? Poorly cut ones in that case

  • Ernesto Alonzo Garcia

    So appreantly this guy has no balls cuz he was doing the splits so easily

  • Indeed

    i'm kind of jealous of his abilities right now, to be honest

  • TheSimonizer

    They said he could become anything…

    So he became a fucking gymnast!… errrrrr… what? a gymnast? really? wtf…

  • Nick

    I just…I don't even…

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