And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • HeatherW

    This is not even kinda of sexy. BUT… can he suck his own dick? I have seen some shit so this I must also see.

  • moeshere foxdale

    JOHN That's just fucking Wrong…

  • Slip

    Even his eyes know how to do the splits.

  • NaGu

    I think you forgot to take th"ab"normally out of this post

  • @unicornsRnice

    Not a fan of stretching in jorts. That shit is never OK.

  • moses

    very disturbed now o.0

  • Blake Shuster

    Wow, hurts just to look at.

  • Drea

    if he wasnt as fat he'd be more flexible. Notice hes gotta prop against a wall to get that leg up there… It does exist… and this is a horrible representation of it. Not impressive…. just gross

  • Frank

    very nice, so close but yet so far…

  • Dave

    Oh come one, if you could do it you'd be freaking out everyone you knew. I know I would!

  • JarikCBol

    You'd think he'd be in better shape, seeing as he's that conditioned.

  • jpadawan

    Not even the worst thing I've seen on the Chive. Honestly, this is hardly the weirdest thing.

  • PatWizz

    he blows himself A LOT

  • prune

    #26 What am i doing? Why clearly i am stepping on this here spider.

  • patrondubs

    Really weird boner right now………..

  • dia

    #24 if he farts he'll give himself pink eye

  • Jimmy Chism

    The guy should have been an NHL goalie!

  • Mando

    WTF? Why would you do that chive???!?

  • Brenda

    He has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. He needs to go to the Dr.

  • -k9


  • GuyJanie

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  • j09

    Ehlers danlos. Genetic condition, makes joints loose and overly flexible.

  • tfbuckfutter

    I'm more impressed by the flexibility of his jorts.

  • Tiffany

    #24 will haunt my dreams. Thanks chive!

  • Duffer17

    thats fucked but how is that possible in denim?

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