And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • Andrew


  • Trav1121

    Who needs balls when you can do this?! Oh yeah, MEN! Good for him (I guess), weird for us…

  • BigPup

    some things can't be unseen…

  • Mike

    I'm embarrassed FOR this guy, 1 photo is bad enough but 30…

  • tinyonwirk

    ew wat the hell lol

  • Why oh why


  • pyrocyz

    And all in jorts!!

  • ItsMeeJv

    Please take my eyes….

  • jim
  • skinger

    Difficult to fap to… mind you, I said difficult… not impossible.

  • Underbaker

    Like where do his balls go when he does something like #14 ? Um never mind I don't really want to know.

  • Rockstarmg

    some things you just can't un-see, thanks a lot.

  • Oltimey

    y chive, y u do dis to us?

  • MrsETCollins

    And, I thought pushing a kid out of my vagina in 13 mins flat made me cool. Apparently, I was mistaken.

  • Lowrent75

    And he did this in Jorts? Are these the special Chuck Norris jorts?

  • Ned_Plimpton

    "The virginity is strong in this one!" – Yoda

    • Dumbass Troll

      Stupidity is strong with this Dumbass Ned

  • Josh

    This guy makes it on here and not once have i seen any of my photos………so confused

    • RAY

      Did you do anything as…..unique/special/weird as this? Yes I was laughing as I typed that.

  • ryan

    Wow that's gay.

    • Hugh

      Wow, that's enlightened.

  • CarRamRod

    I hope this is a prelude to a flexible girls post…..something to make up for this.

  • sshhh

    If only he lost the keg…

  • Mitch

    Its funny because he's fat

  • drbman

    #4 Pretty fly for a fat guy!

  • Tha Nastys

    -_- Really? I mean you knew I was going to look….so why would you do this to me on Friday? I think I am going to need an extra day of burned bras to make up for this! Unacceptable!!!

  • ryax44

    Wow my life is worse now!! LOL

  • DPIzzle

    Strange but hilarious. I think he should have a post doing the splits in random, inappropriate place. I.e. in line at the bank, shopping at best buy, in traffic…

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