And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • El jefe

    Wow lol

  • smealman

    Nice Jorts

  • Ilovetheboobies

    wtf jorts

  • Michel Payette

    Chive….I KEEL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jim_b

    Bob, you're such a troll. Funny.

  • That Guy



  • John

    but why is he fat?

  • nerd

    This made me laugh. Sweet jorts, too

  • BertoPop

    I hope i dont get nightmares!

  • HAAA!

    WTF?? Ithought this was The Chive not The Deprived!!!!

  • Duff

    I don't really see how being a guy and being that flexible is weird, abnormal or gay but why did he post them online?

  • wiss

    what the … how… why…!?!?! 😐

  • DNAV

    Nice JORTS!

  • Jen

    All we can hope for is a lovely chivette will duplicate this for us!

  • Coop

    (rage face "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME")

    I can only imagine that this is the work of the new prospect….BOOOO

  • Big Ro

    BOOO!!!! Bring back hula hoop girl!!!!!

  • James

    It's not all about girls. While I agree this post is weird it's not a porn site pervs. Go to redtube newbs

  • MasterDrank

    I dont know wether to vomit or to stand and clap…

  • bryon

    his boyfriend must be so proud

  • JPC217

    No. Just No.

  • Alex

    How does this help him?

  • Whorebait

    Bob, im worried about you… John, do us a favor and give him a well deserved Bitch Slap.

  • eric

    Is…Is he wearing cargo jorts? It must be destroyed, it will not be a simple journey, but it will do it. i will beat him out of the cargo jorts and then take them to the top of an active volcano and destroy them.

  • Josh

    I expect so much more of you Chive! Damn it. Please redeem yourselves!

  • mishai

    its like a pole dance…yes, fat guy can do this too, but ….why watch it:)

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