And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • Coach Boilermaker

    If he lost that gut, he may never leave his bedroom!

  • Disappointed

    The DAR better be the most epic, visually stunning piece of glory ever because this is starting off rediculous. A guy that does yoga hardly deserves a post.

  • Simon

    So I've just seen a photo of somebody standing on their head. I can't stand on my head, mind, but I can stand on other peoples'. I think.

    I'm filing this under DAWTF

  • CDCinMD

    that shit ain't right. This will haunt my dreams you sick bastards

  • Ryan

    Da fuck is this shit ? I remember when I wore jorts.

  • BigRollin

    He may not always have sex, but when he does, he prefers to have sex with men.

  • Ty Briggs

    KCCO shirts should of went on sale for having to look at this. I'm going to go flush my eyes with bleach.

  • Aaa


  • Curtis

    Love the festive theme in #22 and #26. Classic!!

  • Bless1

    chive- you are doing wrong. togfo

  • Jdub ottawa

    #17 I can see u there and over there

  • TX Country Boy

    Bombed on #15

    • Monica Ferrell

      lmaooooo i didn't even notice the lil piglet behind him ahahahaha priceless

  • Hobbitches

    Chive, I am dissapoint

  • Andrew Irons

    So So wrong

  • Hoyvin Glavin

    #14, #19, #27, #30
    Hump Day
    Burn Your Bra
    Mind the Gap

  • meantux


  • Evie Rose

    well, I wld say a quote from Tiny Dancer buuuut…….

  • bob

    i have the weirdest boner right now!

  • damn

    this is material for the BERRY…

  • the_mike

    #24 I'm sure his boyfriend appreciates it.

  • BostonRugger

    #30 It must be the Jorts

  • Sul

    I'm with the coalition against cruelty to denim (cacd)…I'm gonna have ta hotline this one..

  • Cin

    You think he'd be smaller.

  • DickFister

    #24 Self-gratification?

  • hombre

    so gay

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