And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • fibonacci5150

    hahahahaaha oh man I've got a bro that is almost on this dudes level >_< its a shocking visual

  • DAC

    that guy loves his denim cut off shorts…

  • Scott Roberts

    Chive putting this under "WTF" Is justified.

  • StuOwen

    Ok. You got it out of your system. Now you owe us an extra dose of gaps, humps, sc's, flbp's or SOMETHIN'!!

  • JBb

    How can you be that flexible and so over weight? What a shame.

  • rebel yell
  • CMCB

    Tim Thomas?

  • Kanye East

    things that make you shiver…

  • Joel Todd


  • gnusmas

    It scares me that you guys would post them

  • fitdude

    The mighty gut will not be denied!

  • It'soverJohnny

    Why do dogs lick their balls ?

  • chris

    I feel like I need to shower.

  • Mr. Tibbs


    This is both glorious and horrifying, like watching the birth of your child only to find out he's a hideous deformed flexible demon. What has been seen CAN NEVER BE UNSEEN.

  • Bones


  • Kevin

    Stop it, asshole.

  • Timothy Ryan

    what has been seen can not be unseen

  • James Zimitat

    flexing = new type of planking

  • Jim

    Still not as gay as a Twilight post would be.

  • this guy says

    i bet you he has no problems reaching the remote when it falls from the couch while he sits on the couch

  • Dibdy

    #6 #9 not impressed, anyone can do a headstand

    • Cin

      no they can't.

  • Stanrey

    Whats gayer, Me looking at this post or the post itself… I feel lost .

  • lackofabetter

    Why did I click on that? Dope jorts though

  • Rmk_900

    That's more gay than cum on a moustache

    • Fuck Off Friend

      Yes, because being gay makes you an inferior human being, in the eyes of the noted sage and philosopher, Rmk_900

      This guy is more of a man than you will ever be.

  • Joey

    Okay… A guy should not be that flexible….. I need flexible girls now fortune love of God please I don't want this to be the last image before clocking in for the day Chive… I don't!

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