And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • SLy_C

    Bring back Ballet Girl!

  • 8BallJones

    even if i could do this, i would not do this. i would definitely not show anyone i could do this, and would not do this on film if there was a gun to my head. keep that in shit in the closet bro. oh wait, he's out of the closet. prolly trying to gain some cheerleading street cred or something.

  • Jbro

    Your apology will not be accepted, Chive. Shame on you

  • @mattdwilson1984

    Still trying to figure out why theChive posted this in the first place?

  • Mike M. Leska

    No question, he blows himself.

    • Big Gay Al

      No question, you give yourself handjobs. Who's the faggot now, Mike?

  • TheGlockster

    Flexible guy is flexible.

  • Jammy

    my gaydar is at level 1000

  • MikeDC

    I like his sport jorts

  • CrimeMasterGoGo

    I need to look at some FLBP to cancel out the gayosity of this post…

  • Jammy

    #15 The pig photo bombed him

  • Testickle

    Thanks Chive! now i must hit my local church up and bathe my eyeballs in holy water!

  • Jammy

    #28 Is that a picture of E.T?

  • drunktastic

    1) it appears he is doing the drunk slut poses.
    2) who took the pictures?
    3) I think some one made a wrong turn and wandered into the weird side of the internet.

  • tim

    wow, his boyfriend must be one happy gal.

  • Mike


  • Jordan Peerbolte

    I wanna point out that this bastard also though jorts were acceptable.

  • Jose

    this is by far the fastest i have EVER scrolled through a post…

  • Cooper

    I actually have a de-rection right now.

  • Dibdy

    I think a chivette challenge is in order! mimicking the poses! Lets see it!!!

  • Nibsy

    Strangest thing I've ever seen.

  • rnr

    what is going on with the Chive today – weird shit, lame posts.

  • nivek2798


  • RothNorma

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  • LVF

    This is effing stupid

  • Mke

    Sweet Jorts Brah….

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