Hot Right Now: Raver girls will make you sweat (28 photos)

And now an abnormally flexible guy — that is all (30 Photos)


  • ron gilbert

    you gotta be kidding me.i think we would rather see country girl flex

  • Johnny B

    "Instead of losing my virginity, I spent that time stretching!"

  • Dan Carroll

    ha ha.. its funny cuz he's fat!

  • @alabamaweliveit

    Pretty sure his BANANA SPLIT… apparently it left a long time ago! Ugh!!!!

  • Mandalor

    "is it this true"

    "yes its true, this man has no balls"

  • USLethal

    While I appreciate the humor, this post was about 29 pics too long. I hope you're proud of yourself Bob.

  • Gumby

    I bet his boyfriend loves it.

  • Bort

    That was awesome.. never change chive. ❤

  • Brandon Miller

    W….T…..F…..?!?!?!?! Excuse me while I go throw up…

  • smugface

    Hahah, this is amazing 😀

  • videologic


  • gravgp2003

    This post was supposed to be on theBerry right?

  • Tim

    #3 NOTE that he is alone in all these photos… W.T.F.? AND YOU GUYS TALKED SO MUCH SH*T ABOUT THE SOCCER VIDEO??? I'm sure the keeper at least got LAID.

  • gwilbs007

    WOW! Guts and Nuts…WTF

  • bayjay

    Once seen, this can never be unseen.

  • Tom

    So, that happened….

  • Jim


  • jordaniel

    i wanna know who the person taking the pictures is lol.

  • John

    Quick…..get some Chivettes up Or I will blind myself

  • Poxmoldy

    This dude comes across as a homo.

  • Mike Lezowski

    #24 "just Chillin'"

  • Chiefs420

    For real this guy needs to give up on the denim shorts. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go remove my eyeballs with a shrimp fork

  • OhSomeEvil


    would be my pick up line at the bar…

  • Commander McBragg

    Chive, why u no like us?!?!?!

  • Andrew Jones II

    This would have been exceptionable if it was a female, this makes me wanna burn my eyes out

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