Friday Dopamine Dump (36 photos)

  • Tom

    #34 I don't think I've ever seen every register open in a grocery store.

  • bisonbade

    #22 best movie ever!

  • Mr C

    #19 i'd prefer if you skipped the water and got to the good part

    #26 jesus christ so much awesome at one table

  • Person

    #19 has aids

  • F3n1x187

    #6 Ashley Sky, amazing!!!!

  • Penal_Colony

    #19 Yes, please.

  • seanrk924

    #17 my thoughts exactly (can't wait for the end of today)

  • chaosd


    It would be seriously cool to hang with that crowd.

  • Pee Wee


    Good…..Bad…..I'm the guy with the gun.

  • Simmer-Down-Now

    #19 – Most definitely.

    And all you pussies whining about how uncouth you feel the it is need to grow a pair. It's called humor, the fact you don't expect it makes it funny.

  • Eric Leigh McCormick

    #19 the answer is yes but you never needed to ask. Where can I find?

  • Dustin L

    MOAR of #32!

  • Cin

    #26 & #31


  • That dude

    #8 #21. Moar Please!!!

  • samib1331

    #8 Rosie Jones. OMG! Probably the most beautiful woman alive. Here's a great pic of her too:…. Enjoy!

  • Link

    #20 That's easy. Flamingo uses master sword to hit projectile back at dragon. Problem solved.

  • Ron Burgandy

    Seriously get some new pics…………………….. I love yah chive but come on

  • Micheal

    #31 Sam from Burn Notice…in a kilt?

    • morebeer

      Ok,,,,Burn Notice is what you reference him from???

      • Hugo

        Oh, I'm sorry, should I know him as the ring announcer from Spiderman 1, snooty usher from Spiderman 2, Maitre d' from Spiderman 3, voice of Mayor Shelbourne from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Coach Boomer from Sky High, Pork Piggler from Duck Dodgers, Max Liebling from The Legend of Tarzan, or Autolycus from Xena: Warrior Princess? Granted, McHale's Navy is a great movie, and after referencing all of these other things from IMDB (yes, that's what I did), I remember him from that now, but what other RECENT thing should I know him from?

        • morebeer

          Ugh,,,,forget recent
          You need to need to check out a little something called "Evil Dead/Army of Darkness"

          • Hugo

            Hmmmm…that does look fairly epic…. I'll give it a shot. Hope it's on Netflix!

    • Yep

      It's kind of wrong that you only know Bruce Campbell as "Sam from Burn Notice". Good show, but…

  • etcrr

    #6 #8 hot damn unbelievable

  • Needlegun13

    #19 First in line for that experiment…

  • Dukes

    Well ……i was wondering the same thing……

  • stonewall_79

    #8 Rosie Jones is one of the best girls the UK has given to this planet.

  • Lou

    #19 I will bet you a beer you can''t last more than 3 minutes.

  • BB23


    Absolutely amazing. MOAR PLZ!!

  • Gee 2

    #32 I sure would ❤ to come home to that every day. 🙂

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