Friday Dopamine Dump (36 photos)

  • d1gitalpunk

    #19 Yes, but not by you

  • tanner

    #26 more awesome than anything else ive seen today.

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    #14 #36 We should throw him a party or give him a dog or something, he's so alone.

  • DaddyJax

    Stay Sexy and Classy Chive! Last part of caption is neither.

  • Mitch

    #19 I'd like to take you up on that challenge

  • English Chiver

    #8 is Rosie Jones, an English glamour model.

  • PKDubs

    #19 Can have my children.

  • guest

    #36! BFM!

  • Zachary McNew

    #31 95% chance he has already slept with your mother

  • Bob Brown

    having spent some time wandering through your website i am in two minds, you are either stupid american jocks getting paid for churning out the lowest teenage boy humour to satisfy the lowest common denominator OR you ate just Americans. Either way, bless you, You poor poor hair-gelled meat-heads. I know brighter Texans. Really.

    • DPB

      *are. i can't spell, idiocy must be catching.

  • Dailin Hernandez


  • svp

    #19 kinda disappointed thechive would post something so raunchy….

  • Kelsey

    I can guarantee that #19 did not attach the caption, nor was she aware that a 5 year old picture that her 17 year old self had taken by a (female) friend was still circulating the Internet. That being said, I am not a whore, a slut, or whatever derogatory label you'd like to attach to me. I have been loyal to my boyfriend of over three years, and it saddens me that people have to put down others for amusement. I do regret ever putting the picture on MySpace because of reasons like this. I guess I just had higher hopes for the integrity of my fellow humans. My mistake. To those who stuck up for me, thanks =]

  • Keith_D

    Bring me #20…

  • Ken Kong

    @19 i like

  • Ken Kong

    #19 i like

  • Anonymous

    #19 … You guys realy messed up.. disapointed.. I realy am… Feel like a friend let me down.

  • RiosDorothy

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  • Calvin

    #8 For the love of MOAR, who in the Chive is she?

  • Anonymous

    #19 YES!!!!!!

  • ThaDude4

    ❤ #8 more of this angel plz thank you

  • Eric

    #29 The one in pink looks like my baby sister. 🙂

  • Geee
  • Geee

    OK… What did some of us miss on #19? I missed the post on Friday and now looking at all the comments, I have got to know what the caption said!

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