Graffiti: Representing some of the best unknown artists on the planet (30 Photos)

  • MushyPeas

    The last image is just down the street from where I work in Nottingham England.

  • RAY

    If the people have this much talent, why not put some on a canvas and try to sale it? I'd buy several of these. #1 #10 & #12 to start

    • nuccabay

      its not always about making money


    #3 Mona Lisa got back!

  • Verbal_Kint

    Where does the line blur between graffiti and street art? I only see art here….

  • ConservativeGuy

    Without permission from the property owner, nearly all of this "art" is nothing more than vandalism. Much of it is simplistic political commentary, typically from the left. That is not "art" for me.

    • Casey


    #3 Great job! Funny as hell!

  • Jammy

    #10 is fantastic!

  • Jammy

    #3 pop dat azz Mona!

  • Jason

    #11 is the facebook artist (aka David Cho). He has some awesome stuff. I only say the facebook artist because that is what made him famous.

  • Anonymous

    #5 Banksy’s pretty well known..


    Sensitive bitch

    • Forever Alone

      Sometimes I pick fights on the internet to feel alive.

  • Leah S.

    #11 you can find in Denver

  • whereswalley

    #11 is in Denver!! I see this everyday on my way to and from work. KCCO!

  • nuccabay

    #10 if anyone ever painted over that (or all of these really) it would be a tragedy

  • Niki

    #17 Shout out to Toronto!!!!

  • Josh smith…. I painted # 29!……your welcome. Its located in an undesclosed location in southwest asia

  • Josh Smith

    Chea i painted #29 …your welcome

    • Ana

      / Well look at all those comments! Thanks evnyroee for your feedback and insight especially those that were involved. Dave, thanks for coming over here and posting some apologies. However, any threats you make on others from now on will be removed.Likewise to other people I’m seeing comments regarding Dave’s wife and friends in Kalgoorlie looking out for you’. Let’s keep this in perspective huh? Play nice 😉

  • Mark


  • Emily Jean Bruhn


  • kheaven

    #16 chive on Hasselt!

  • Gabby

    I figured out the word on number 17 so i just scrolled it with my eyes pretending to read it to look smart. o.o

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