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I’d like to think all girls wear lingerie under their clothes at all times.. (32 photos)

  • zep

    Lingerie…nothing….it all works

    • @Exile714

      Lingerie is all about seduction. Wearing nothing is all about immediate gratification. A younger man might think wearing nothing is perfectly fine, but a guy with more experience knows there's a lot to be said about a woman who knows how to seduce. I prefer lingerie, and so will you in time.

      • Troll

        Who the fuck do you think you are?

        • Ray Pissed

          Exile, you only bang old chicks with saggy knockers and cottage cheese ass. You need lingerie to hold that shit up and in.

      • Mr cool

        cool story bro

  • lizzard

    Wow first comment!!!

    I wau

    • kidn

      close but no cigar.

    • at work

      no dice chino

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #11 It's cookin' time!

    • Buckeye

      Someone has got to find her!!!

    • @Mansterbate

      All that stove needs is some bacon…

    • Slip

      #11 right place right time. Place kitchen, time it's time for you to make me a sandwich.

  • MondayMourning

    I prefer to think some girls wear nothing under their clothes at some times

    • KCJake

      And then there are some girls that you hope just have more clothes under their clothes.

    • TFred

      I like a little mysteriousness, just me. But I have enough imagination for 3 eight year olds with ADD…

      • Guest

        So what do you do? Play hide and seek?

  • needitwantit

    woahhhh #22 #27 #35

    • fisharms

      my thoughts exactly.

    • Kevin

      That was the first word out of my mouth too!

    • irishfan1988

      Face Down, ass up…..

  • 80's Baby

    #22… too big? or just right?..

    • kidn

      too big.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      just right, but if she rides in the front seat, make sure to turn the air bag off. She doesn't need it and air bags are expensive to replace.

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Never too big

      • Needlegun13


        • Yosef

          2nd that!

          • Masschine

            Gawd! More please!

    • honky

      yes her heels are way too big!

    • Dirty_Dingus

      I imagine that if this photo was in color, her back would be glowing read from the strain…….sorry, what was I saying? BEWBS!

    • Underbaker

      They are fine by me and her name is Christina Iannelli (thought it was shopped, it aint)

    • magghe

      just right!

    • The Woim

      I LOVE women who look structurally unsound and are a feat of engineering. We have found a winner!
      I repeat, NEVER too big!

    • Bryce

      Bet she can't go in a pool or they float up into her face an smother her.

    • RizalKid

      Too big for her structure.

    • Muad-dib

      too bad they're fake…would've set a new standard…

    • matt

      Way too big. Disgusting, in fact.

    • Chris

      just right

    • Chiver215

      #22 holy tits

    • Danic

      Too big!!

  • rick james

    this… should be standard by all women

  • presto


    (slaps money down on counter) "I'm out of the contest!"

    • AmBush_Steve

      8? I was out at #4.

    • tron

      I am no longer the master of my domain.

    • Draxonic

      #26 was too much for me

  • Yessirr

    You mean they don't? 😦

    • Underbaker

      I always thought they was naked under them dresses.

    • douche

      i used to think this….then i asked her to marry me. Now its all granny panties and "comfy" sweats

      • bdg

        And my old nasty T shirts!!!

  • 80's Baby

    #17… Thank you…

    • Lou

      Definitely 2nd that

    • rette

      I concur as well, and please send moar!!!!

    • Rolo__Tomasi

      Best in the set. Simply because Chivette. PLEASE don't let this be your last time!

    • @alabamaweliveit

      Love when the photos are of Chivettes! First of MANY photos I hope!!! (by the way, nice ass)

      <img src=""/&gt;

      • Chive Ry

        Love it. All of it

    • Dawsonguy

      Not that I'm complaining, but how many of these lady's are chivettes?

  • Sal

    #5 & #27. Mother of god.

    • GrayDog

      #5 is Carla Ossa. She could wear burlap and still look sexy.

      • akgoalie

        thank you graydog

        you're a god

    • GrayDog

      #27 is Arianny Celeste. Some NSFW images on the Interwebs.

    • Ryan

      Who is #5?

      • mike

        also Carla Ossa

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #16 please!

    • TX Country Boy

      Looks a little like Zooey in the face. This is my fav by far.

  • blue_bronco

    And Beyonce is the "World's Most Beautiful Women?"

    • Jake

      She is more than one woman?!

      • Blue bronco

        She does have an alter ego.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #2 #17 #35 I ❤ this post!!!!

    • @TAndrewarhol

      #2 There's something about garter belts and stockings that do it for me.

  • hark1985

    #27 im drooling

  • hark1985

    #34 I think we need a close up on this one

    • Bdrizzle

      Booty bra? Its probably only a matter of time before they start padding and pushing up the butt checks – which hey – I'm all for it! =)

      • Ba$$Master 5000

        Booty cleavage

  • Anonymous

    Burn them. Burn them all.

  • Stan Gluver

    too skinny wheres the thick girls at?

    • Stan Musial fan

      They're sending in food pics to pinterest.

    • majorfathead


    • zTom

      In Dunkin' Donuts getting fatter.

  • El_Capitano

    #22 WOWZA!!

    • Needlegun13

      Who is this fine young lady??

      • mike

        Christina Lannelli

  • Macro

    #19 #22 #27 #34

    Bless you, Chive. 34 is a vision!

  • IronCheffrey

    #22, moar please!

  • Correct

    sure beats what my wife wears to bed – YOU HEAR ME LADIES – hook up your man!

  • PSUhorty

    While chicks in lingerie are always pretty awesome, where's chivettes in them? Enough with the professionally photographed, photoshopped models. Get more Chivettes up in this place. A VERY weak Friday for the Chive… that is unless you ENJOY looking at overweight males bending a leg behind their head.

    • @beagleracing

      Agree 100%. I think the Chive is getting ready to unload this afternoon, though.

      • tv_paul

        Yeah, I like the real girls too. Like they had a few day ago, much more appealing.

    • Duck

      I have to agree

    • Dawsonguy

      Here, here!

    • Indy

      Our Chivettes can out do these professionals.

  • Killintime

    Lingerie makes nudity seem less sexy.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      shut your mouth!

  • Russ

    Mother of God

    • Dan

      Adriana Lima

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