• Dude Imbibes

    Now the face shield and bank vault glass make sense. If that monkey had longer arms he's hands would be around her throat.

  • noegod


    • noegod


  • Joe Rachmaninoff

    Cucumber Monkey for President! Grapes for all in 2012!

  • Mr. McGibblets


  • Pierre

    to be fair it's not like the wall st protests till they start flinging feces

    • S.Freud

      Nah. Once you get two or more stinky, hairy primates in any location it's like OWS protests. The feces is just an added bonus.

      Now that I think of it, these monkeys probably smell better than OWS-ers. . .

  • jad

    place that ass clown in a cage

  • FuzzySquirrel

    I see what you did there…

  • Lawrence Panis

    That is too funny!!!!

  • John

    Chive…. this video would have been a lot better without annoying ads running in the background. PLEASE STOP I used to love this website

  • Scott

    Even monkeys have sense of entitlement scumbags.

  • HuubaHuub

    hahaha funny as hell, kinda sad for the monkeys, but animal testing is kinda a necessary evil, thats why i think anyways. And give the other one a fricking grape u sadist 😛

  • xzapato

    i had it muted and was listening to music. it was hard to watch 😦

  • Bevi

    Poor monkey. "Where's my GRAPE? I want a grape! I want a grape! I want a grape! I want a grape! Keep your cucumber, I want a GRAPE! GRAAAAAAPE!" And he never got a grape. Kinda the story of my life except the grape would only be symbolic in my case.

  • eugeniagene

    Reblogged this on Modern Female Automatisms and commented:
    Okay, this was actually funny.

  • Lobo360

    Monkey should have got a grape in the end!
    I'm surprised at all the negative comments towards occupy & am not sure if the speaker intended it to be taken that way, not that I take it to be a comment of support either – he's just injecting some humour & making the comparison the the monkey has experienced an injustice but quite understandably is making a protest against it by rejecting the cucumber & demanding the grape. And we determin the monkey is demonstrating INTELLIGENCE by doing so (he even tests his rock to make sure it's not defective!) If he did not notice his neighbour was getting a better reward for the same contribution, or noticed but didn't think to question his own reward – then would he not be deemed less intelligent?! So although the calibre of persons that took to the streets for the occupy movement can be questioned, would we not agree the principle was justified?!!!

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