“Suspicious” quotation marks (24 Photos)

  • jack wagon

    #9 because the chinese are retards so they figure everyone is as retarded as them

  • Dr. Evil

    Wow, that's reassuring …

  • crankytexan

    Every time I read these, when I get to a " " i say the word/s in a robot voice. lol

  • Drizzle

    Reminds me of Chris Farley with the air quotations!!

  • tim

    Love seeing the Deadwood ad! What would be a good comp for showing up at Cadillac Jacks in Deadwood with a KCCO shirt on? I'm open for suggestions!

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  • Duffer17


    Where is this? I swear to god I've seen this sign before.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501204953 Jacob Christie

    I read all of these in Jerry Seinfeld's voice.

  • d1gitalpunk


  • Salyers281

    Use fingers & Read them like Chris farley. good times, man I miss him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1576675922 Brian Johnson

    #23 seems legit

  • 86Celticsboy

    "President" Obama

  • guest

    The stupid f———- who made these signs had no idea what they were doing. Makes me ashamed of being part of the "human" race.

  • phydor

    #1 never trust a rainbow gradient

  • RiosDorothy

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  • chase

    HA! #1 is about a block from where i work. creepy-ass place…

  • benniebuttplug

    #18, Do ya get "COOTIE'S" @ Cootie Browns?

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