• ur3minutesrup

    1) Dad didn't really do a great job because none of them started head banging
    2) Best part of the video was when the song goes "spit in my eye" and the little girl in the back spits in her little brothers eye!!

  • Steven B

    i found myself smiling like a moron for over 2 minutes….

  • Chiver

    Coolest dad ever.

  • DJM

    Awesome, but I can't help thinking that the girl upfront is too young to be riding in the front seat.

  • Hrolgar

    I bet Freddy never expected something like this. Love it!

  • san san

    I dont know about this guy the girl in front seat looks way to young to sit there

  • Dave

    These kids have a bright future! Awesome dad.

  • Mitch

    my dad used to say "stop breathing…you're fogging up the windows" on car rides…LOL
    He's still cool though

  • drbman

    find the one in the front seat in 2023!!!!!


    Well done dad!

  • digivoodoo

    This guy's a friend of mine in Marietta, GA. Awesome Dad, funny guy!

  • DaddyD

    I cede my title.

  • http://www.metalsucks.net/2012/04/27/awesome-dad-re-creates-bohemian-rhapsody-scene-from-waynes-world-with-his-kids/ AWESOME DAD RE-CREATES “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY” SCENE FROM WAYNE’S WORLD WITH HIS KIDS | MetalSucks

    […] [via The Chive] […]

  • laurenmorgan!!!!

    I did the same exact thing with my mom! :') Every time I hear Bohemian Rhapsody, I have to call her. Sorry for telling you my life story, this just speaks to me a lot. Thanks to whoever sent this in! It's like reliving a wonderful time in my life.

  • Jessie

    I think that it is great to introduce children to the really Great music that is out their!!!! When my oldest was a baby the only thing that would put her to sleep was Queen or Meatloaf!!! She still has great taste today, her fav song is Sweet Home Alabama….Skynards version and she's 11!!!

  • Edward Mountain

    this vid is cool, but my question is. DID OLD SPICE REALLY FUCK UP A DELOREAN FOR A ADVERT ?!!!!!!!

  • phil

    looks fun but the kid in the front seat is too young and too small to be safe there

  • Country boy

    I grew up in the country of Kansas, I rode in the front seat since I was 3, never had a problem. Everybody is so "worried about kids and so willing to throw their two cents in", these kids are having fun that dad is actually spending time with them and giving them memories, instead of bitching about it applaud him. That little girl has her seat belt on, get off your soap box and just enjoy what has just happened. With any luck those kids will KCCO without having you people try to correct their every move with your view of "safety".

  • Simon Cowell

    They did good, but they need to lose that little guy in the back. He was flat on some of those high notes.

  • Canadastani

    Awesome dad is awesome.

  • Russ

    Not as good as Louis CK rockin to The Who's Who are you while driving with his kids in the show Louie.

  • Mat

    Reminds me of my daughter and I but we sing Master of Puppets and shes 7.

  • Anonymous

    wow, thats what family is all about.
    i’m a dad to a beautiful lil girl, and can’t wait for road trips and the radio.

  • Pepper

    I LOVE THIS!! Major cool points dad! You sir are AWESOME! This reminds me so much of my dad (RIP) except his song was "Free Bird" and I swear I knew that song before I knew my ABC's. Little man is too stinkin' cute jammin' out in the back. I can't think of a better way to start your day and get your kids pumped and ready for it!

  • chilly

    what is she doing in the front seat??? way too young lol

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